Fact-Finding Mission: Iran Must Stop Cracking Down on Demonstrators or Human Rights Situation Is at Risk

fact finding mission iran must stop cracking down on demonstrators or human rights situation is at risk

fact finding mission iran must stop cracking down on demonstrators or human rights situation is at risk

Following an investigation ordered by the UN Human Rights Council, the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Islamic Republic of Iran has urged Iran to stop its crackdown on peaceful protesters and to address the rising number of human rights violations there, particularly those affecting women and girls.

After Jina Mahsa Amini passed away in custody in September of last year, the Fact-Finding Mission expressed concern about the wave of executions, mass arrests, and detentions that followed.

The Fact-Finding Mission emphazised the dangers faced by protesters, attorneys, journalists, and human rights advocates in urging Iran to respect and defend the rights of all Iranians.

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Alarm was raised over reports of quick executions and serious allegations of rights violations, including confessions obtained through torture.

It is also looking into reports of poisonings in schools as a potential way to punish or discourage the protesting girls. It also expressed worry about legislation that would toughen penalties for women and girls who disobey laws requiring forced veiling, making them more susceptible to abuse, harassment, and arbitrary detention.

The government has not responded to repeated requests for a trip to Iran to gather crucial data. The Fact-Finding Mission urged Iran to uphold its commitments, hold those accountable for rights violations, and address the underlying issues that led to those violations.

The Human Rights Council will be given a thorough report on the fact-finding mission’s findings in March 2024.

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