‘Epidemic’ Of Domestic Violence Against Women A Crisis In Australia

'epidemic' of domestic violence against women a crisis in australia

‘epidemic’ of domestic violence against women a crisis in australia

In recent days, various women have lost their lives in Australia because of domestic violence. They endured physical abuse and injuries that escalated to the point of intense suffering. A spike in the number of women dying because of domestic violence in Australia has sparked outrage across the country. Domestic violence is believed to have taken the lives of 6 women in just 10 days in Australia. The cases speak volumes about domestic violence in Australia, exposing the prevalent menace that many women continue to grapple with, in the shadows of societal norms. 

6 women die in just 10 days in Australia

Domestic violence is an epidemic in Australia. Six women have been killed across Australia in 10 days. About 50 women have been killed in Australia so far this year. Several women were found dead in Perth, Bendigo, Canberra, Sydney, as well as the Hunter region and Aldinga beach in South Australia.

The harrowing case of Lilie James has shocked the entire nation. This case of domestic abuse is a grim reminder of the urgent need for justice for survivors.

What happened to Lilie James?

Lilie James, a 21 year old sports coach, was murdered at her workplace, a high school in central Sydney. Her body was found with extensive head injuries. Later on, her colleague and former boyfriend Paul Thijssen’s body was found. Reportedly, Paul Thijssen killed Lilie James because she ended her relationship with him. Later on, Paul Thijssen killed himself.

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‘Epidemic’ of domestic violence in Australia

‘Epidemic’ of domestic violence in Australia has affected 5 other women in just 10 days. A man murdered 34-year-old lawyer Alice Rose McShera in a Perth hotel room on Monday. A Perth man also appeared in court charged with murder. He was reportedly in a relationship with Alice Rose McShera.

In another horrifying case of domestic violence, a 44-year-old Victorian man was charged with the murder of Bendigo mother Analyn “Logee” Osias. The woman died in hospital. This case reopened a conversation about male violence against women, including domestic, family, sexual and intimate partner violence, in Australia.

Three other women also lost their lives because of domestic violence. It is a call to action for society, law enforcement, and the judiciary to end domestic violence in the country. 

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