Deadly armed group attacks in DRC displace nearly 1 million since January

2023 hac drc

2023 hac drc

The International Organisation for Migration has raised concerns over nearly a million people in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) getting displaced since January owing to escalating violence and several incidents of brutality against civilians.

According to IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix, an estimated 6.1 million are internally displaced, representing a 17% increase from October. The UN agency said a surge in violence and attacks by armed groups has killed scores of civilians or compelled them to escape.

Intolerable Dangers Displaced People Facing Daily

The latest brutal incident at a camp for displaced people in the eastern Ituri province on Sunday saw at least 46 people getting killed. It was reportedly carried out by a coalition of militia groups – Coopérative pour le développement du Congo (CODECO).

Condemning the gruesome attack, Federico Soda, Director for the Department of Emergencies, said the incident is a testament to the intolerable dangers displaced people in the Central African country regularly encounter.

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Stressing attacks against civilians could constitute war crimes, Soda called for concerted efforts to “end the violence and help the Congolese people find peace.”

Worsening Humanitarian Crisis

Overall, more than 26 million people across the DRC are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. As conflict escalates, the humanitarian situation there continues to worsen, with scores of Congolese facing acute food insecurity and several other pressing needs.

Despite intensifying violence, deepening insecurity and limited access to parts of the country, the International Organisation for Migration and partners have been putting substantial efforts to provide emergency relief to displaced people and those affected by the worsening situation.

In an effort to enable a more effective response to the humanitarian emergency, the UN agency said it is scaling-up operations.

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