China Defends Human Rights by Taking Practical Measures

the chinese national flag is seen in front of the financial district central on the chinese national day in hong kong

the chinese national flag is seen in front of the financial district central on the chinese national day in hong kong

China defends human rights through practical measures rather than just lip service.

Over the past few decades, several unique plans and national human rights action plans have been implemented to advance the cause of human rights through development and to promote human rights development through protection.

Because of this, the nation was able to successfully raise the living standards of its citizens from subsistence to moderate prosperity in all respects.

China’s Human Development Index (HDI) increased dramatically as a result, rising from 0.499 in 1990 to 0.761 in 2019. The United Nations Development Programme developed the HDI by incorporating common indicators like life expectancy, education, and standard of living.

Reduction Of Poverty – According to China, having a happy life is the highest human right.

According to a report published in December by the China Foundation for Human Rights Development and New China Research under the Xinhua News Agency, this is the foundation for China’s justification for its advancement of human rights.

China’s human rights movement aims to fulfill the aspirations of the people for a better life.

More than 3 million cadres and over 255,000 work teams were dispatched to the countryside in China’s fight against poverty to assist villagers in overcoming it household by household.

As a result, it only took China eight years to lift approximately 100 million rural residents out of poverty, unprecedented in human rights history.

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Aslan Abashidze, vice-chair, and rapporteur of the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, said at the Forum on Global Human Rights Governance held in Beijing earlier this month that this was not only a significant accomplishment for China but also a significant victory for humanity.

Human Beings & Life Over All Else

China never modified its guiding philosophy in its decision-making in the fight against COVID-19 — putting the people and their lives first.

The COVID-19 mortality rate in the nation has been kept at the lowest level in the world.

Everly At the Forum on Global Human Rights Governance, Antigua and Barbuda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Trade, and Barbuda Affairs, Paul Chet Greene, praised China’s people-centered approach to human rights governance.

“It speaks to the fact that the people are what human rights are all about,” he said, noting that China’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was clearly an example of this strategy.

Modification and Shared Prosperity

China has prioritized the needs of its citizens over all else and followed a path for the development of human rights that is in line with global trends and appropriate for its national circumstances, strengthening the protection of human rights as China’s modernization process moves forward.

China is aware that, despite having the second-largest economy in the world, uneven and insufficient development continues to be a major problem for the nation.

In order to further improve people’s lives, reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, and allow everyone to benefit from development, China is working towards a higher level of human rights protection. 

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