Care4Britain: Esther McVey Questions Care for Migrants

care4britain esther mcvey questions care for migrants

care4britain esther mcvey questions care for migrants

The treatment of migrants on the Bibby Stockholm barge is excellent, but according to Esther McVey, radical leftist lawyers, and some charity executives want to overturn any law that prohibits illegal immigration.

By attempting to overturn any laws or strategies to stop the flow of illegal immigration into the UK from France, radical left-wing lawyers and some charity executives are making a mockery of our nation. They are assisted in their efforts by an unwelcome but growing political overreach by some parts of the judiciary.

Together, they have put a stop to flights to Rwanda, helped migrants obtain false documentation that allowed them to stay in the country, and are currently teaching them how to refuse to board the Bibby Stockholm barge.

Let’s face it, if you want to believe them, these migrants have fled impoverished and war-torn countries and have endured appalling living conditions in Calais camps. Despite this, they have a problem with the housing options available and worry that living on a recently converted barge with en-suite bedrooms, a gym, and a 24-hour canteen will traumatise them. In my opinion, no. Some people have even insisted that they can’t board the barge because they are afraid of the water, despite the fact that they crossed the channel in a dinghy! It’s ridiculous.

Those who do get to live on the barge can reportedly engage in activities like cricket, cycling, hiking, and tending to allotments. They can also reportedly take free buses and taxis into town and to the nearby seaside resort. If they miss the last bus back to the barge at 11 p.m., they can reportedly call a special number to arrange for a free taxi service. On top of that, each immigrant also receives free housing, food, and £9.58 in pocket money each week.

How on earth can these solicitors and nonprofit workers reject this and say it isn’t good enough?

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What exactly do they want, and what is good enough? Are they unaware of or unconcerned about the uproar they are causing as members of the public observe, many of whom are aware they may not be able to pay their mortgage in a few months and are already having trouble making ends meet by paying for their heating, food and petrol.

The course that these lawyers and anti-government activists are taking is only fostering discord among the general public. In defiance of the democratic legislative process, they stopped the flights to Rwanda, and they’re adamant about stopping the barges that would lower the £5 million daily hotel costs.

They appear determined to undermine the nation’s efforts to stop illegal immigration and, in the process, employ immigrants in their campaign to overthrow the government.

Be careful what you wish for because things won’t turn out well if the government doesn’t get its way democratically.

The activist group Care4Calais has had its say enough; the public wants to see a Care4Britain group.

A military man once stated, “Britain has invented a new missile,” many years ago. It’s known as the civil servant and it doesn’t work or get fired.

That has never been more true than it is right now, when most of them live in the London bubble, no longer come into the office, and their numbers have exploded. According to the most recent Taxpayers Alliance data, the number of civil servants has increased by over 100,000 since March 2016 to 519,780, representing a jump of 24.2% and the largest increase in at least 50 years.

Not bad considering that they assert that an austerity-driven government is pressuring them! Yes, Minister wasn’t a comedy; rather, it was a guide for the bloated civil service.

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