Bangladesh, Israel and Gaza, Ukraine: Three pressing human rights news in focus

bangladesh israel and gaza ukraine three pressing human rights news in focus

bangladesh israel and gaza ukraine three pressing human rights news in focus

The UN human rights chief on Monday called on the newly-elected Bangladeshi government to take the required steps to shield the nation’s commitment to democracy and human rights. Sunday’s election saw Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina secure a fifth term in office.

But Volker Türk raised his concerns over the poll being “marred by violence and repression of opposition candidates and supporters,” according to a press release from OHCHR. “Such tactics are not conducive to a truly genuine process.”

He highlighted the need for the Government of Bangladesh to take the necessary steps to ensure the human rights of all residents are fully taken into account and to strengthen the underpinnings of a truly inclusive democracy in the country.

UN experts demand accountability for crimes during October 7 attacks

In response to the raging Gaza conflict in the Middle East, top independent human rights experts on Monday demanded prompt investigations and accountability for victims of sexual torture in the October 7 Hamas attacks in southern Israel.

The surprise assualt claimed some 1,200 lives of Israeli and foreign nationals, and thousands more sustained injuries. In addition, militants from Hamas and other Palestinian extremist groups took an estimated 240 people hostage.

In a statement, the rights experts also called for justice relating to other grave crimes committed in the Occupied Palestinian Territory – a likely reference to the increasing violence in the West Bank that has left more than 300 Palestinians dead since October 7.

The challenge Ukraine currently faces in the energy sector is immense

Furthermore, the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a brutal energy crisis. Generation capacity has been reduced to nearly 50% of its pre-2022 levels, according to the UNDP in Ukraine report, “Towards a Green Transition of the Energy Sector in Ukraine”.

Since Russian forces marched into Ukraine in February 2022, more than 19 gigawatts of the nearly 37 gigawatts of production capacity have been destroyed, damaged or seized. It’s right to conclude the challenge the country currently faces in the energy sector is immense.

In response to the situation, UNDP and Japan have announced a shipment of new gas turbines to help beat the cold season. Roughly 93% of Ukrainians faced disruptions in essential services, said the UN Development Programme on Monday in a press release.

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