Abused Children Forced To Eat Hot Pepper By Parents, Judge Says

abused children forced to eat hot pepper by parents, judge says

abused children forced to eat hot pepper by parents, judge says

In a shocking incident in Wokingham, a town in Berkshire, England, two children were abused and forced by their parents to eat hot pepper as punishment. They were also threatened with a kitchen knife, which affected their mental health.

Judge Richard Case ruled at the family court in Slough, a town in Berkshire, England, that parents assaulted the two children. They suffered prolonged beatings at the hands of their parents. 

Wokingham Borough Council brought the case in front of the judge. Wokingham Borough Council said that children were repeatedly abused by their parents.

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What happened to the two children?

The judge said in a ruling, “The mother made the children eat spoonfuls of paprika and threatened to apply pepper to their eyes, mouth and ears.”

The parents have been charged with eight assaults, according to the written judgment. Wokingham Borough Council said that the children had suffered 16 instances or categories of abuse.

The judge found that 11 instances or categories of abuse date back to before 2018. The judge revealed that the parents repeatedly tortured their own children.

One of the abused children told the BBC, “My mother said that we weren’t crying enough so we were gonna keep taking paprika or she was gonna put it in our eyes to make us cry more.”

The judge said that the father would beat his children with a cane. The child said that his mother would beat him on the feet for more than an hour.

The mother would also beat the girl child for an hour and a half as a punishment for not doing what she was told. 

The girl and boy have been taken into Interim Care Orders. 

This is not the first case in England, wherein parents abused their children. Earlier this year, two English parents were convicted of murder in the horrific abuse of their 10-month-old son. Before his death, the smally baby suffered 130 separate injuries, including 71 bruises and cuts, 57 bone fractures and two burns. 

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