Abu Dhabi’s Erth Hotel & Ramadan: Reflecting Humanitarianism

abu dhabi's erth hotel & ramadan reflecting humanitarianism

abu dhabi’s erth hotel & ramadan reflecting humanitarianism

Erth Hotel in Abu Dhabi has consistently proven its commitment to the principles of humanitarianism and social responsibility. With Ramadan being the month of giving, this luxurious hotel is taking its initiative to the next level by providing free meals to those in need.

In a region where caring for others is highly valued, Erth Hotel’s efforts are a great example of how businesses can make a positive impact on their community. Let’s take a closer look at the Ramadan initiatives by Erth Hotel and how they are making a difference in Abu Dhabi.

Erth Hotel Abu Dhabi

The Erth Hotel is a luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi that takes pride in providing its guests with an unforgettable experience. From the rooms to the dining options, everything about this hotel exudes luxury and comfort. As soon as you step foot at Erth Hotel you are warmly welcomed by their friendly staff.

This five-star hotel offers world-class facilities like a swimming pool, fitness center, spa and restaurant serving international cuisine. But what sets Erth Hotel apart from other hotels is its commitment to social responsibility and humanitarianism.

Erth Hotel believes that businesses should not only aim for profitability but also make a positive impact on society. They constantly launch initiatives that benefit their community, especially during important events like Ramadan.

Erth Hotel is not just one hotel that is making an impact on the gesture of the business class across the world, this hotel is setting an example of compassion and caring for others this Ramadan 2023.

Ramadan Initiative by Erte Hotel

Ramadan is a month of giving, compassion, and reflection for Muslims all over the world. It is a time when people come together to share their blessings with those in need. Erth Hotel in Abu Dhabi understands the true meaning of Ramadan and has taken several initiatives to help its community during this holy month of Ramadan.

One of his major initiatives includes providing free food for those who are less fortunate. The hotel has partnered with local charities to distribute boxes of food throughout the city, ensuring everyone can enjoy a hearty meal during iftar – the breaking of the fast at sunset. As reported, the hotel serves 50,000 free meals each day throughout Ramadan.

Erth didn’t just stop at serving the food. The hotel has arranged prayer rooms within its premises so that guests can comfortably perform their religious obligations during Ramzan. This gesture reflects Earth Hotels’ commitment to fostering an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds can practice their faith without barriers.

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The authority of the Hotel has also started a social media campaign to spread awareness about humanitarianism principles among residents and visitors alike. Their initiative promotes socially responsible behavior which creates a caring region where everyone values each other’s worth regardless of religion or nationality.

Erth Hotel demonstrates the UAE’s commitment to humanitarianism by supporting charitable organizations through Ramadan campaigns.

Erth Hotel’s initiative promotes the socially responsible and caring region

The Ramadan initiative of the Erth Hotel involves more than just giving those in need free meals. Beyond that, it also highlights how compassionate and socially conscious the area is. The hotel launched a campaign this holy month intending to give back to society, demonstrating its dedication to these ideals.

The Erth Hotel distributes iftar boxes and other necessary supplies throughout Abu Dhabi in collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent. No one should go to bed hungry or without access to basic necessities, especially during this pandemic.

The Erth Hotel is aware of how important it is to be socially conscious and improve the lives of others. Its deeds demonstrate how corporations can actively contribute to fostering stronger communities by aiding charitable endeavors.

Erth Hotels have shown its dedication to fostering a culture of empathy and compassion among Muslims in the United Arab Emirates who value humanitarianism as one of their core beliefs through their Ramadan initiatives.

Muslims in the UAE value humanitarianism

Muslims in the UAE value humanitarian principles and participate in charitable activities during Ramadan. These initiatives are rooted in religious beliefs and serve as a reminder to practice compassion and generosity towards one another. They donate money and food items to local charities and volunteer their time to help marginalized groups, showing how faith can create positive change.


The Ramadan programs at The Erth Hotel are evidence of the UAE’s dedication to altruism and social responsibility. They have demonstrated their concern for their neighborhood and willingness to go above and beyond to assist people during this holy month by offering free meals to those in need.

It is encouraging to see Muslims in the UAE place a high value on virtues like generosity, kindness, and compassion for others. The Erth Hotel’s initiative works to create a community where everyone can live in safety and feel supported and loved.

We hope that more organizations will launch comparable initiatives to make the world a better place for everyone. By advancing human values and providing assistance to those in need, we can change the world when we work together.

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