88 Migrants Apprehended At Border Near San Ysidro Port of Entry

88 migrants apprehended at border near san ysidro port of entry

88 migrants apprehended at border near san ysidro port of entry

In a recent video, border patrol officers are seen rounding up numerous migrants early on Friday morning close to the San Ysidro Port of Entry.
Customs and Border Protection agent Eric Lavergne reported that “88 individuals crossed through the Tijuana River Channel, which is immediately west of the San Ysidro port of entry.”
“Four of those people were dealing with complications, from a possible broken foot to pregnancy complications.”
According to Lavergne, border crossings like these are increasing to record levels.
“Last year, 176,000 arrests set a new record for us over the past 20 years. Last financial year,” Lavergne said. We’ve already reached 100,000 after six months, so breaking that record is highly likely.
This happens just two weeks before Title 42 is supposed to end. It is this pandemic-era policy that enables border patrol officers to swiftly turn away migrants on the grounds of public health. According to ABC News, it has been used more than 2.7 million times.
So, Lavergne said, “We do anticipate an increase.” “However, no one is aware of the kind or magnitude of the increase.”

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According to Lavergne, it’s uncertain whether a surge could overwhelm migrant detention facilities, which are already at capacity.
The Biden Administration wants to stop this by increasing deportations, building processing facilities for migrants in Central and South America, and opening more doors for legal residency.
However, some humanitarian organisations continue to doubt that when Title 42 expires, migrants will be treated fairly.
A five-year ban, which is not only unfair but also unjust, is one of my concerns about the new regulations, said Pedro Rios, director of the American Friends Service Committee. “Because a large number of those people lack access to information. They are escaping from extremely dangerous situations and looking for safety.
None of the 88 people detained on Friday morning, according to Customs and Border Protection, were originally from Mexico; instead, they were coming from 12 other countries to request asylum.

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