Workers in America Fought for Fair Pay and Safety

The government is going hard after businesses that treat workers badly. A traveling carnival owner in Texas got in huge trouble

The government is going hard after businesses that treat workers badly.

The government is going hard after businesses that treat workers badly. A traveling carnival owner in Texas got in huge trouble. Angel Reyes Isidro lied to get visas for 24 workers from other countries. He made them pay illegal fees. He paid them less than minimum wage. And he threatened to deport them if they complained! 

This shows how some bad bosses take advantage of immigrant workers who may not know their rights. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are some of the most mistreated workers in America. They often get paid too little, work in unsafe conditions, get discriminated against, and even get hurt.

Protecting Kid Workers 

The government is also working super hard to protect children from illegal labor abuse. A lot of underage kids have been found working in very dangerous jobs like meat plants, construction sites, and factories. Often, these kids don’t speak English well and get taken advantage of.

In one giant case, over 100 kids between 13 and 17 years old worked overnight shifts cleaning meat cutting saws and animal killing machines! Most of the kids spoke little English. The company may have used human traffickers to bring the children to work illegally. So wrong!

New Rules to Keep Workers Safe

To fix these huge problems, the government made new rules in 2023 to better protect vulnerable workers like immigrants and children. The big goal is to make sure workers know their rights and can speak up against mistreatment without being scared.

One program getting looked at closely is the H-2B visa program. It lets U.S. companies hire foreign seasonal workers for temporary jobs like landscaping, construction, restaurants, and carnivals. But this program has had issues with employers mistreating and underpaying workers for a long time.

Between 2000 and 2021, the government investigated over 225,000 cases where H-2B employers stole workers’ wages or broke laws. In over 180,000 of those cases, they found violations where workers were illegally underpaid or abused.

Fighting for Workers’ Rights

Even with progress, worker mistreatment is still a huge issue across America. Both immigrant adults and children risk getting taken advantage of by bad bosses.

By cracking down harder, teaching workers their rights, and punishing violators, the government wants to make a fair system where all workers get treated with respect and paid properly. No one should have to face abuse, discrimination, or illegal underpayment at work. Workers deserve better!

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