Women Needs Safe Sports Environment: Rubiales Kiss Controversy

women needs safe sports environmentrubiales kiss controversy

women needs safe sports environmentrubiales kiss controversy

Gianni Infantino, the President of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), finally broke his silence on Luis Rubiales’ kiss controversy. He said that Luis Rubiales acted “spoiled” on the night of the FIFA Women’s World Cup final. His statement could affect Luis Rubiales’ career, who is facing a chorus of voices calling for his resignation. 

Infantino said that the celebrations for those magnificent champions (Spanish women’s national soccer team) were spoiled because of Rubiales’ act. He took to Instagram to condemn Rubiales’ act. The FIFA chief said that Luis Rubiales’ kiss on the lips of Jenni Hermoso “should never have happened.”

Luis Rubiales’ kiss controversy

In August, the Spanish women’s national soccer team won the World Cup final. They started celebrating their victory. However, Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, ruined their celebration with his act. He forcibly kissed Jennifer Hermoso, a famous and professional Spanish footballer who plays for the Spain women’s national team. The move drew sharp criticism from the sporting world, sending over 80 Spain footballers on a strike. 

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A huge blow to women’s rights

During the ceremony after the Spanish women’s national soccer team’s victory, Luis Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso on the lips without her consent. Spanish footballer Jennifer Hermoso described the whole act as “an impulse-driven, sexist, out-of-place act without any consent on my part.”

The whole act was captured on video, yet Rubiales defended his conduct. Rubiales said that the kiss was consensual.

Irene Montero, the Minister of Equality of Spain, urged the country to stop normalizing sexist behavior and support women. She condemned Rubiales for kissing the Spanish footballer without her consent. She further said, “Spain is a feminist society in which sexism still exists, but it is determined to end sexism.”

The unwanted kiss is a huge blow to women’s rights. The issue brings a spotlight on gender rights and sexism in Spain. Hermoso has repeatedly said that Rubiales made her feel molested.

She said in the Futpro statement, “I want to clarify that at no time did I consent to the kiss.” Her teammates and several other Spanish government officials said that Hermoso did not give consent to Rubiales for the kiss.

FIFA suspends Luis Rubiales

FIFA suspended Luis Rubiales from “all football-related activities at national and international level” for 90 days over the kiss controversy. FIFA also banned Rubiales from contacting Hermoso. 

Eleven members of the Spanish national women’s soccer program also resigned after the incident. According to reports and knowledgeable sources, Jorge Vilda, the current head coach of the Spain women’s national football team, may also quit.

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