Women and Girls Suffer Terribly in Haiti Crisis

The situation in Haiti is very bad right now.

The situation in Haiti is very bad right now.

The situation in Haiti is very bad right now. There is a lot of violence happening, and women and girls are being hurt the most. UN experts have said that women’s rights are being violated constantly, and no one is being punished for it. “Women and girls are suffering much more than others from this crisis destroying the country,” the experts said. Problems that already existed have made the current situation even worse for women.

Violence, No Homes, No Services

The violence in Haiti has caused many big problems. People have lost their jobs and cannot get enough food. Many families have had to flee their homes over and over again. Schools have closed, and hospitals/clinics are not working properly. It’s very hard for women to get justice because of fears of being hurt and not having enough money.

Sexual Violence Used to Terrorize

The experts are extremely worried that criminal gangs regularly use sexual violence against women and girls. They do this to spread fear, get money, take control, and punish local communities. Women and girls living in bad temporary camps are most likely to suffer these terrible acts. Trafficking of women/girls for sexual exploitation and slavery has also increased a lot.

Government Does Not Protect Women

The experts told the gangs to immediately stop all violence against women and girls. However, they criticized the government for completely failing to protect women’s rights during this crisis. “No one should have to choose between safety and being able to provide for family, go to school, get healthcare etc.,” they said. Women who were hurt cannot get the help they desperately need.

Women Must Have a Voice

The experts criticized the government for weakening organizations that provide help and protect rights. They accused officials of corruption and working with gangs. “Haiti must return to democratic governance respecting human rights,” they urged. Women must be at the front of the political transition to make sure abuses against them are accounted for. “We call on authorities to ensure full, equal participation of women in making peace,” the experts stated.

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