Urgent Humanitarian Crisis: Nearly 2,000 Afghan Migrants Expelled from Pakistan and Iran

afghans refguees scaled

afghans refguees scaled

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 06:20 am

In a recent development, nearly 2,000 Afghan migrants were forced to leave their homes in Pakistan and Iran in just one day, according to the Ministry of Migrants and Repatriation of Afghanistan. The announcement came on Thursday, February 8th, revealing that around 1,563 migrants returned from Iran and another 212 from Pakistan.

The returnees crossed the Islam Qala-Herat border on February 7th, as mentioned in the ministry’s statement. Families and individuals were among those who made their way back to Afghanistan, seeking refuge after being expelled from their host countries.

Despite the Pakistani government extending the registration cards for Afghan migrants until March 2024, there has been a surge in the expulsion of undocumented Afghan migrants. The situation is very serious. More than half a million Afghans  sent back  to their country in winters.  Hard winters increase their challenges and make the humanitarian crises worse in Afghanistan. 

The migrants who are returning to their country now face different challenges. which includes a lack of shelter, food, medical care, job opportunities and means of livelihood.  All these situations are worse  and harder to deal with,  its shows the urgent need for international support. It also needs assistance to create awareness of the ongoing humanitarian crisis which is affecting Afghan migrants.

The UN Refugee Agency reported the extension of registration cards by the Pakistani government, aiming to provide some relief to the Afghan registered migrants.  It is very important for the global community to come together to help and provide the immediate needs of these migrants and work towards effective solutions for them.  The situation demands a coordinated effort to provide assistance. So the hardships faced by those Migrants can be reduced. timely help can solve this issue and make their life easy.

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