UPS Strike Threatens U.S. Economy with a Whopping $7.1 Billion Loss

ups strike threatens u.s. economy with a whopping $7.1 billion loss

ups strike threatens u.s. economy with a whopping $7.1 billion loss

A 10-day UPS strike could emerge as the costliest work stoppage ever in U.S. history and give the economy a massive $7.1 Billion blow. UPS workers voted for a strike authorization last month, with union chief Sean O’Brien saying a strike was imminent. 

Teamsters, the union representing UPS workers had been in contentious negotiations for a new labor contract since April. But the two sides left the bargaining table despite agreeing on points such as ending forced overtime on drivers’ days off, increasing wages for flexible drivers who do not work traditional Monday Friday shifts, and establishing Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a paid holiday, among others. 

There have been no additional negotiations between the union and UPS as of July 5. As such, the Teamsters said they will be ready to strike. Union members would take their picket lines and walk off the job, effectively bringing majority of UPS work strike 2023 to a grinding halt. 

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On Friday, Teamsters said UPS has made it clear that the company doesn’t view its workforce as a priority. “Corporate executives are quick to brag about industry-leading services and even more quickly forget the Teamster members who perform that service. UPS should stop wasting time and money on training strikebreakers and get back to the negotiating table with a real economic offer.” 

The union members represent more than half of UPS’ workforce in the largest private-sector contract in North America. If the strike happens, 185,000 workers would go on a 15-day walkout, crippling the company. The Anderson Economic Group estimates the strike would be a deafening $4.6 Billion blow, causing significant and lasting harm for small businesses, household workers, sole practitioners, and online retailers across the United States. There would also be direct losses at UPS of $816 Million, $1.1 Billion in lost wages by 340,000 members of the Teamsters Union, and remaining costs would be felt by UPS suppliers from lost tax revenue. 

Teamster has said if the members do go on strike, it would be the fault of the company for not agreeing to the economic package being sought by the union for the company’s workers. Glenn Zaccara, UPS spokesman, said the company’s focus is on negotiations and not speculations. “We remain confident that we will reach an agreement that is a win for our employees, our company, and customers, and the union.”

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