UN Troubled by Rough Treatment of Palestinian Protesters at US Colleges



The top human rights official at the United Nations has said the UN Troubled by Rough Treatment against people protesting in support of Palestinians at universities in the United States. Volker Turk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said he is “troubled by the heavy-handed steps” used to break up and remove these protests.

His comments came just before police in New York City arrested protesters and cleared a camp at the famous Columbia University. The protesters there had occupied a building and set up tents to show their support for Palestinians in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas.

Fundamental Rights at Stake  

In his statement, Turk emphasized that “freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest are very important for society.” He underscored that universities should be places where people can freely express and discuss different views.

The UN’s human rights leader said authorities must fully allow people to speak freely and protest peacefully at universities. He told police they should let real protests happen, as long as the protests stay peaceful.

Protesters Allege Too Much Force

Protesters at Columbia and other campuses have alleged that too much force was used to disperse their demonstrations. Videos circulating online appear to show police using harsh tactics and arresting many people.

Some protesters claim they were simply exercising their rights to show support for Palestinians amid the latest violence between Israelis and Palestinians. However, university officials say the camps violated campus rules and disrupted academic activities.

Talk Peaceful, No Force

While Turk knew keeping peace was important, he asked everyone to be calm and talk nicely instead of fighting. He told schools to let people share their thoughts freely instead of using force to stop them.

The UN’s words show the big argument between Israel and Palestinians has now come to colleges in America. As more students protest, people are watching closely to see if the police will listen to Turk and protect basic rights without using too much roughness.

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