UK Starts Arresting Migrants to Send Them to Rwanda

The UK government has begun arresting migrants who entered the country illegally.

The UK government has begun arresting migrants who entered the country illegally.

The UK government has begun arresting migrants who entered the country illegally. They plan to send these migrants to the country of Rwanda in the next few months. This is a new immigration plan from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government.  

Why Are They Doing This?

The UK wants to stop migrants from risking their lives by crossing the English Channel in small, unsafe boats. Many migrants do this to try and claim asylum once they reach Britain. The government thinks sending migrants to Rwanda will make others not want to attempt this dangerous journey.

Over 7,500 migrants have already made it to England by boat so far this year. Last week, 5 people died trying to cross the Channel.

Legal Troubles

Last year, the UK’s highest court said the Rwanda plan was unlawful or illegal. Human rights groups are worried about the treatment of migrants in Rwanda. These groups will likely try to legally stop any flights sending migrants there.

However, the UK government is still moving forward with the plan. A minister said they are working “at pace” to arrest and detain migrants to get the Rwanda flights going.

Fear Among Migrants

Pictures show immigration officers arresting migrants, even pulling one man out of his home in handcuffs. A refugee charity said “tens” of migrants have called them, scared they could be on the first flight to Rwanda. They don’t know who will be chosen or when the flight will happen.

Some experts worry this fear will cause migrants to go into hiding instead of getting help and support.

Separate Voluntary Plan  

In a different program, one report said the UK already voluntarily sent one asylum seeker to Rwanda recently.

Still Controversial

The Rwanda deportation plan is very controversial. Human rights groups strongly oppose it due to concerns over the treatment of migrants in Rwanda. Legal battles are expected to continue as the UK pushes this major immigration policy.

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