UK Announces Incremental Stages for Salary Threshold Increase in Family Visas

uk announces incremental stages for salary threshold increase in family visas

uk announces incremental stages for salary threshold increase in family visas

The UK government has announced plans to increase the minimum annual salary threshold for British citizens and permanent residents seeking to sponsor a spouse or partner on a Family Visa. However, the increase will be implemented gradually in incremental stages, according to a statement in the House of Lords.

Currently set at GBP 18,600, the minimum income requirement (MIR) will first rise to GBP 29,000 in early 2024. This initial increase will be followed by two more stages, reaching the 40th percentile (GBP 34,500) and ultimately the 50th percentile (GBP 38,700), aligning with the minimum salary requirement for the Skilled Worker visa route.

Home Office Minister Lord Andrew Sharpe emphasized that the incremental stages are intended to provide predictability to families. The government says they haven’t changed the minimum income requirement (MIR) for more than ten years. They want to make some adjustments now to make sure that families coming to the country can take care of themselves and don’t need to use money from the government.

Opposition leader Yvette Cooper from the Labour Party says the government didn’t check well before changing things. She thinks they didn’t look at how the changes would affect people enough. But the government says they’re making these changes to stop families from using taxpayer money. They want families coming to the UK to be a part of our society.

Other immigration policy changes outlined in a Home Office fact sheet include an increase in the minimum earnings threshold for Skilled Worker visas, from GBP 26,200 to GBP 38,700, effective from April 2024. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) will review the Graduate Route, or post-study work visa, starting in January 2024, and is expected to continue its work until late next year. Students from other countries, especially India, are worried about the plan to check the Graduate Route. This route is crucial for students who want to study in the UK from abroad. They’re concerned about how this review might affect them.. Additionally, the Shortage Occupation List will be transformed into an Immigration Salary List, eliminating the 20 percent salary discount for shortage occupations. The MAC will review the list’s composition in alignment with the increased salary thresholds.

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