Top 10 Cities For Work-Life Balance In 2024

top cities for work life balance in 2022

top cities for work life balance in 2022

Last updated on January 25th, 2024 at 10:39 am

Work-life balance is crucial for everyone worldwide. Achieving a perfect work-life balance often enhances engagement at work. In 2024, we refer to a report from Forbes that highlights the top 10 cities in the world for work-life balance, as compiled by software company Kisi.

The ranking is based on various factors such as paid leave, workplace safety, and flexibility to work remotely. So, which are the 10 best cities for work-life balance in 2024? Let’s explore!

RankingCityCountryHappiness IndexGender Inequality Index RankingAverage Employee Weekly Working HoursNo. Days Annual Leave (excluding public holidays)Property Price to Income RatioProportion of Remote Working Vacancies (%)Paid Maternity Leave*No. of Parks and Nature ReservesUnemployment RateSunlight Hours (Annual)Work-Life Balance Score
1CopenhagenDenmark7.62125.9258.92752 weeks542.40%163570.5
2HelsinkiFinland7.84629.42510.75152 weeks657.00%186065.1
3StockholmSweden7.36429.12514.246320 days756.90%190764.8
4OsloNorway7.39226.92514.335480 days64.99%169063.2
5AucklandNew Zealand7.282526.32010.82452 weeks593.20%200562.7
6GothenburgSweden7.36429.1258.842480 days356.90%176060.7
7ReykjavikIceland7.55833.6247.4466 months274.00%133058.7
8ViennaAustria7.271232.43011.52516 weeks792.30%192558.5
9EdinburghScotland7.062725.6288.32839 weeks383.00%144057.1
10BelfastNorthern Ireland7.062725.6287.42739 weeks272.30%130257
11Luxembourg CityLuxembourg7.32927.42612.62920 weeks514.80%177856.7
12AmsterdamNetherlands7.46526.92010.32010 weeks584.01%167055.6
13ZurichSwitzerland7.57331.62011.22716 weeks151.80%169955
14PragueCzech Republic6.973432.82019.35214 weeks1012.60%167453.6
15ManchesterEngland7.061425.6287.13039 weeks1207.10%142053.4
16GlasgowScotland7.062725.6287.22839 weeks454.10%128253.3
17BrisbaneAustralia7.461932.420102310 weeks902.30%299953.3
18MelbourneAustralia7.181932.42011.23516 weeks1414.40%238053.1
19DublinIreland7.092133.6208.23718 weeks824.50%144052.8
20RotterdamNetherlands7.46526.9205.61026 weeks284.01%172252.7
21MadridSpain6.491425.92210.13818 weeks8211.50%274051.9
22SydneyAustralia19382053460 days1643.80%260051.4
23BarcelonaSpain6.491425.92212.23418 weeks14910.16%253051.3
24ValenciaSpain6.491425.92210.73416 weeks6317.10%270150.6
25Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates6.561140245.14716 weeks323.36%358050.4
*Minimum leave, subject to circumstances – in countries where parental leave can be split, single parent maternity leave has been taken into account, eg, in Sweden mother + father can split maternity/paternity in half but single mother/father can take the full 480 days leave

Top 10 Cities For Work-Life Balance

Copenhagen, Denmark

Work-Life Balance Score: 70.5

Copenhagen is the best city for work-life balance, emphasizing sustainability and a high quality of life. Flexible working hours and a five-week minimum annual leave are common in companies, aligning with the Danish ‘hygge’ lifestyle.

Helsinki, Finland

Work-Life Balance Score: 65.1

Helsinki takes the second spot, promoting a healthy work-life balance through a focus on community and a healthy lifestyle. Finland’s progressive social policies include fair parental leave and generous annual leave.

Stockholm, Sweden

Work-Life Balance Score: 64.8

Stockholm is the third-best city, offering a strong economy, a high standard of living, and a thriving cultural scene. Swedish employees enjoy a minimum of 25 days of annual leave, and flexible work arrangements are common.

Oslo, Norway

Work-Life Balance Score: 63.2

Oslo, with its high standard of living, secures the fourth position. Companies in Oslo often provide flexible working hours, enabling employees to balance work with personal life.

Auckland, New Zealand

Work-Life Balance Score: 62.7

Auckland breaks into the top 5, offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. With a growing and diverse economy, employees in Auckland work an average of 26.3 hours weekly, enjoying a rejuvenating environment.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Work-Life Balance Score: 60.7

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, provides residents easy access to beaches and natural beauty. With 25 days of annual leave, it’s a great place to maintain work-life balance.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Work-Life Balance Score: 58.7

Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, is a dream location for nature lovers. The Icelandic government actively promotes a healthy work-life balance, with employees entitled to 24 days of annual leave.

Vienna, Austria

Work-Life Balance Score: 58.5

Vienna’s high quality of life and rich cultural scene make it an ideal place to live for people seeking a better work-life balance. Austria offers generous annual leave and an extensive range of green spaces.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Work-Life Balance Score: 57.1

Edinburgh, the first UK city in the top 10, boasts a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. With 28 days of annual leave and generous maternity leave, it provides ample opportunities for leisure.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Work-Life Balance Score: 57

Belfast, the second entry from the UK, offers a bustling yet relaxed atmosphere with a growing tech sector. It’s an affordable option with generous maternity leave and numerous opportunities for enjoying the city.

These cities are recognized for their commitment to creating environments where individuals can effectively balance their professional and personal lives, as reported by Forbes in 2023.

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