Top 5 reasons why leaders or managers get fired

Top 5 reasons why leaders or managers get fired

Managers getting fired are more common in corporations nowadays than previously. In the complex organisational structures there is always a need for good managers and skilled leaders who are capable enough to handle the teams and employees of the organisation. 

Managers are pivotal in shaping the trajectory of the organisation and they also improve the morale of the employees along with a sense of purpose. 

Leaders and managers are not only trusted to make decisions for the company, they sometimes look into the company’s prospects and are often the guiding force becoming role models for the organisation’s employees working under them. 

But sometimes they fail to do so and are faced with a lot of criticism. Sometimes they are also fired or demoted for these reasons.  

Here are the 5 most common reasons why managers face the risk of getting fired.

Poor People management skills and Interpersonal Skills

For any company, the quality of relationships between the employees and managers have a direct impact on the atmosphere, morale and productivity levels. This is one of the most common reasons managers or team leaders get fired. While the work is pretty much defined, the real connection between the two sides decides how the organisation would function. 

An organisation with high employee turnover rate and toxic environment is the result of bad managerial skills thus sometimes leading to their removal.

Inability to change

In today’s world, adaptability is essential for surviving in the current world as per the modern changes and order. Every industry is dynamically changing itself, making organisations adapt to these both changes externally and internally. While the organisation changes itself, it needs to be understood that employees and managers also need to change and adapt accordingly. Those who are able to merge themselves are kept while the others are left out and made to leave the organisation. 

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Poor decision making skills

When it comes to decision making skills, managers are called in and it is a very crucial skill to have. Those managers who are able to make effective and timely decisions are promoted and given recognition. Taking timely decisions is a necessary requirement for every management and team leaders take this role very importantly. 

Failure to deliver results

Results are the key indicators whether the companies are performing well or not. Results are based on targets given by managers to employees. If the overall targets are achieved and exceed the expectation of the higher management, team leaders and managers along with  employees are given rewards, and promotions and if not after a period of time can lead to their resignations and layoffs.

Turf Protection

Turf protection generally means to act on guarding the personal domain of influence from threats unknown. Such acts can hinder growth, slowing of processes and create barriers for effective teamwork. This, if done over a long period of time, can lead to underperformance of teams in the organisation thus leading to layoffs of managers and team leaders if the approach is not changed.

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