Top 10 organizations in the Netherlands offering NGO jobs 

The Netherlands is home to a vast array of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) devoted to many causes and is renowned for its progressive policies and active civil society.

The Netherlands is home to a vast array of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) devoted to many causes and is renowned for its progressive policies and active civil society.

The Netherlands is home to a vast array of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) devoted to many causes and is renowned for its progressive policies and active civil society. To solve social, environmental, and humanitarian challenges on a national and worldwide level, these groups are essential. 

The Netherlands is a great place for anyone looking for fulfilling work in the nonprofit sector with lots of chances to improve the world and effect positive change. Here are the top 10 organizations in the Netherlands offering NGO jobs.

1. Oxfam Novib 

Oxfam Novib, an affiliate of the global Oxfam confederation, is a prominent NGO in the Netherlands focusing on international development and poverty alleviation. With projects spanning across continents, Oxfam Novib offers diverse job opportunities in areas such as humanitarian aid, gender equality, and sustainable agriculture. Employees at Oxfam Novib benefit from a supportive work environment and opportunities for professional growth.

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2. Greenpeace Netherlands

As part of the renowned environmental organization Greenpeace International, Greenpeace Netherlands actively campaigns for environmental protection and sustainability. From advocating for renewable energy to combating deforestation, Greenpeace offers a range of job positions for passionate individuals dedicated to safeguarding the planet. 

Working at Greenpeace Netherlands provides a platform to engage in impactful advocacy and contribute to global conservation efforts.

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3. War Child Holland 

War Child Holland is a leading NGO dedicated to supporting children affected by armed conflict. Through innovative programs focused on education, psychosocial support, and child protection, War Child aims to improve the lives of war-affected children and promote their well-being.

Job opportunities at War Child Holland encompass roles in program management, fundraising, and child protection, allowing individuals to make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

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4. Amnesty International Netherlands

Amnesty International Netherlands is part of the renowned human rights organization Amnesty International, advocating for justice, freedom, and equality worldwide. With a strong presence in the Netherlands, Amnesty International offers various job opportunities in areas such as human rights research, advocacy, and campaign coordination. 

Working at Amnesty International Netherlands provides a platform to address pressing human rights issues and drive meaningful change at both local and global levels.

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5. Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) Netherlands

Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is an international medical humanitarian organization providing lifesaving medical care to populations affected by conflict, epidemics, and natural disasters. 

MSF Netherlands recruits medical and non-medical professionals to work in its field projects worldwide, offering opportunities for individuals to apply their skills in challenging and rewarding environments. Working with MSF Netherlands allows professionals to contribute directly to emergency medical interventions and provide assistance to those most in need.

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6. UNICEF Netherlands 

UNICEF Netherlands is part of the United Nations Children’s Fund, dedicated to promoting the rights and well-being of children worldwide. Through advocacy, fundraising, and program support, UNICEF Netherlands works to address issues such as child health, education, and protection. 

Job opportunities at UNICEF Netherlands include roles in communication, fundraising, and program management, enabling individuals to contribute to positive outcomes for children globally.


7. Save the Children Netherlands 

Save the Children Netherlands is a leading child rights organization working to ensure every child has the opportunity to survive, learn, and be protected. With programs focusing on child education, health, and protection, Save the Children offers job opportunities for individuals passionate about making a difference in children’s lives. 

Working at Save the Children Netherlands provides the chance to advocate for children’s rights and contribute to lasting change in communities worldwide.


8. The Hunger Project Netherlands 

The Hunger Project Netherlands is part of a global movement committed to ending hunger and poverty. Through empowering communities and promoting sustainable development initiatives, The Hunger Project works to create positive change in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions. 

Job opportunities at The Hunger Project Netherlands encompass roles in community mobilization, project management, and fundraising, allowing individuals to be part of a transformative approach to ending hunger and poverty.

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9. International Rescue Committee (IRC) Netherlands 

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a global humanitarian organization providing aid and support to refugees and displaced populations. IRC Netherlands focuses on advocacy, fundraising, and community engagement to support IRC’s global efforts. 

Job opportunities at IRC Netherlands include roles in refugee resettlement, emergency response, and program coordination, providing individuals with the chance to support refugees’ rights and well-being.


10. Transparency International Netherlands 

Transparency International Netherlands is part of the global Transparency International movement dedicated to combating corruption and promoting transparency and accountability. Through research, advocacy, and public engagement, Transparency International Netherlands works to foster integrity and good governance. 

Job opportunities at Transparency International Netherlands include roles in research, policy analysis, and advocacy, enabling individuals to contribute to anti-corruption efforts and promote transparency in Dutch society.


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