The Struggles of Teaching in the 21st Century

the struggles of teaching in the 21st century

the struggles of teaching in the 21st century

Teaching has long been considered a noble profession, shaping the future of nations. However, it will be important to highlight the difficulties that educators face in the twenty-first century as we observe Teachers’ Day in 2023. The urgent concerns that teachers face are examined in this essay, including job insecurity, low pay, an ever-growing workload, and a lack of parental support.

Job insecurity and low pay are two issues that the teaching profession must seriously address. Many teachers work without a contract in both private and public institutions, making them susceptible to unexpected layoffs. A UNESCO research from 2021 estimates that 42% of Indian teachers make less than Rs 10,000 per month on average. The situation is considerably worse in private schools, where 69 percent of instructors lack job security and are subject to workload increases, wage reductions, and deferred pay.

Private schools, which are frequently seen as elite institutions, are not immune from problems. These schools frequently subject teachers to exploitativpracticeses, such as asking them to take on extra duties that have nothing to do with their areas of competence. A dancing instructor, for instance, was ordered to teach Marathi, a language unrelated to her subject. Such actions impair educational quality while also taxing teachers.

Many teachers battle inadequate pay despite their commitment and experience. Teachers may be required to sign salary checks that are overstated to give the impression that they are paid more. This immoral practice puts instructors in a difficult financial situation, making it difficult for them to take care of their fundamental necessities.

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Certain teachers have yet to receive their full salary, even in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. This makes their financial problems worse and increases their frustration. One retired teacher recalled that she had to go see the administrators at the school each month to remind them of her outstanding dues.

Teachers struggle with a heavy workload in addition to financial issues. Lesson planning and curriculum deadlines frequently take precedence over teachers’ health in schools. This constant pressure compels teachers to work from home, creating a serious imbalance between work and personal life.

The absence of parental support is yet another important problem. Some parents don’t participate in their children’s learning because they believe that the school alone is responsible for their education. When pupils perform poorly, the focus is frequently turned to the teacher. The educational process is hampered by the lack of cooperation between parents and instructors, which also leads to unneeded confrontations.

As we celebrate Teachers’ Day in 2023, it’s imperative to recognize the sacrifices and challenges faced by educators. Teachers now face a variety of challenges, including unstable employment, low pay, excessive workloads, and a lack of parental support. Addressing these problems and giving educators the resources, support, and respect they merit is essential to ensuring a better future for both teachers and children.

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