The Shattered Roles of Russian Women in Times of War

the shattered roles of russian women in times of war

the shattered roles of russian women in times of war

In Russia, a disheartening reality unfolds as women, shockingly, support the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine despite its devastating toll on their men. The true extent of casualties is obscured, but new graves for the fallen “heroes” are multiplying, revealing a somber truth. The labor ministry seeks certificates for families of the deceased in the hundreds of thousands, portraying a stark picture of the human cost.


while the state showers praise on these men in death, in life, they seem to be deemed expendable. This sentiment is echoed by Russian officials in a repetitive and almost clichéd manner: “Women will give birth to more.” The wives, mothers, sisters, and girlfriends of Russian soldiers, despite facing immense personal losses, largely acquiesce to the Kremlin’s relentless determination to wear down their men.

At makeshift memorials, tears flow for figures like Yevgeny Prigozhin, the late chief of the paramilitary Wagner Group. Surprisingly, there’s little solidarity with women in Ukraine. Some Russian women express pride in their “defenders,” even encouraging them to commit acts of violence against Ukrainian women.

Russian WomenHood

The transformation of Russian womanhood, traditionally depicted as a symbol of strength, patience, and sacrifice, now appears to function as a façade concealing the actions of Russia’s men. Notably, key propagandists like Margarita Simonyan of Russia Today and Olga Skabeyeva of Russia-1, as well as Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, are women. This development raises questions about the role of Russian women in perpetuating a narrative that seems to contradict the very essence of their historical image.

As Russia’s women sing along to the patriotic anthem “Ya Russky” (“I am Russian”) in packed concert halls, the juxtaposition between the country’s lore of female strength and the current reality becomes stark. The anthem’s declarations to “fight to the end” and “spite the whole world” reflect a troubling divergence from the traditional narrative of Russian womanhood, signaling a profound shift in societal attitudes.

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