Skilled Bangladeshi Workers Struggles After Completion of Major Projects

skilled bangladeshi workers struggles

skilled bangladeshi workers struggles

In Bangladesh, we’ve seen a lot of big construction projects in recent years, like bridges and expressways. But now, many of these projects are done, and the workers who built them are out of jobs. They’re skilled people, having worked on these huge projects, but they’re struggling to find new work.

A story about a guy named Mehedi Hassan, not his real name, shows this problem. He worked on the N8 Expressway, a big road project linked to the famous Padma Bridge.

He’s got a diploma in construction, but now he’s driving a rickshaw because he couldn’t find another construction job. He tried to get a job abroad but got cheated by bad agents and ended up in debt.

Experts say these workers could be great for skilled jobs in other countries because of their experience. But in Bangladesh, there’s no good system to help them find these jobs. And often, the agencies that should help prefer sending unskilled workers abroad because they’re easier to take advantage of.

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Dr. Nurul Islam, who knows a lot about this, says it’s a missed chance. He thinks these workers are really good and could do well in jobs outside Bangladesh. They know practical stuff that’s valuable internationally. But there’s no reliable way for them to find out about these opportunities.

Local construction workers usually get paid daily, and those with lots of experience get higher wages. But getting these jobs also depends on knowing the right people, like brokers who connect workers with foreign companies.

Nurul Islam says workers from big projects like the Padma Bridge have the skills for better jobs overseas. They could make more money for themselves and help Bangladesh’s image too. But right now, only a small part of the workers going abroad from Bangladesh are skilled workers.

If there were better ways for these skilled workers to find jobs outside the country, it could really help a lot. But right now, the system isn’t supporting them well, and many are stuck in tough situations at home.

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