SiriusXM Cuts 3% Of Workforce In Effort To Invest In Content And Technology

siriusxm cuts 3 of workforce in effort to invest in content and technology

siriusxm cuts 3 of workforce in effort to invest in content and technology

SiriusXM, the satellite radio company, has announced that it will be cutting 3% of its workforce, impacting around 170 jobs. This comes just eleven months after the company cut its 8% workforce

The layoffs are part of the company’s efforts to invest in its content, marketing, and technology platform. The cuts will affect every team and business unit within the company.

CEO Jennifer Witz explained the decision in a memo to staff, stating that the company needs to become more efficient, agile, and flexible in order to continue growing and succeed in the evolving competitive landscape. 

The layoffs will allow the company to move faster and collaborate more effectively in support of its long-term objectives.

SiriusXM has been facing challenges in revenue growth as more consumers shift to streaming services. In 2023, the company’s revenue fell by 0.6% to $7.95 billion, and it lost 445,000 self-pay subscribers to its satellite radio service. 

Despite reducing its headcount in 2023, general and administrative expenses increased by 5% to $550 million, and its operating margin fell from 22.6% to 21.7%.

The company is hoping that its revamped streaming app, which has a lower price tag than its satellite radio service, will attract new subscribers and bring back revenue growth. 

The app, which launched in December, has shown promising signs of improved engagement, according to Witz. 

The app’s personalization features, reduced latency, and redesigned logo have positively impacted the brand perception among the target audience segments.

Investors have reacted positively to the news of the layoffs, with shares of SiriusXM rising as much as 3.1% on the day of the announcement. The company’s stock price stood at $5.01, up 2.1%, in the mid-afternoon.

The layoffs at SiriusXM are part of the company’s efforts to adapt to the changing market and invest in its future growth. 

The company is focusing on becoming more efficient and agile while also investing in new technologies to support its strategic priorities.

The layoffs at SiriusXM are seen as a necessary step for the company to adapt to market changes and invest in its future. 

The focus on content, marketing, and technology is seen as a positive move, but it cannot be ignored that these layoffs have a significant impact on employees.

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