Rising Honor Killings In Iran: 13 Women Lose Lives In 17 Days

rising honor killings in iran 13 women lose lives in 17 days

rising honor killings in iran 13 women lose lives in 17 days

Honor killings have increased in the Islamic Republic of Iran in recent months. As many as 13 women lost their lives in Iran in the past 17 days. In a huge blow to women’s rights, at least 13 women were murdered in Iran in horrifying incidents.

What happened to 13 women in the past 17 days? Are women safe in Iran? What did the Human Rights Organization say about the rising cases of honor killings?

Rising honor killings in Iran

In a most recent case of honor killings in Iran, a 20-year-old woman, identified as Razieh Hasanvand, was killed by her own brother. She had been in a coma since October 14 after being shot by her brother. She was a mother of one. 

Did you know that Razieh Hasanvand’s own brother killed her for small reasons? Her brother allegedly killed her because she had “left the house.” She was under huge pressure from her brother to remarry another man after her divorce. However, she denied their requests.

From September 29 to October 16, a total of thirteen women faced the consequences of rising honor killings in Iran. The Human Rights Organization said that 13 women lost their lives because of honor killings. 

Given a lack of transparent reporting of honor killings, exact names of the victims and the reason behind honor killings are still not known.

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What happened to Iranian women?

Last month, a 17-year-old girl, Fatemeh Mohammadpanahi, was killed by members of her own family. She was a victim of child marriage. Her husband assaulted her with severe physical abuse. Later on, she went to her parents’ house. However, her family forced her to live with her husband. 

Based on statistics recorded by the Hengaw organization for the Human Rights Center for Statistics and Documentation, various honor killings took place in Urmia province.

In July, a 15 year old girl was killed by her own father. It was the ninth “honor killing” perpetrated by a father in Iran since March. Reportedly, her father killed her because she was engaged in a relationship with a boy.

In May, a 24-year-old woman, identified as Shirvan, was murdered by her father. In another incident, a father killed his 29-year-old daughter after she divorced her husband.

Iran’s patriarchal culture and traditions have led to rising honor killings in Iran.

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