Pune Porsche accident: 2 techies dead as speeding Porsche clashes onto bike

Pune Porsche accident

Pune Porsche accident

Sunday night saw a horrifying incident when 2 techies bled to death on the road in Kalyani Nagar Area in Pune as a speeding Porsche rammed into their bike as they were returning from a dinner at about 2.30 am. The driver of the Porsche (17 years old) has been arrested by the police and has been in their custody. 

It is said that the accused hit the riders and then crashed into a standing car and a bike parked by the road causing the front end of his car to bend. After that the boy tried to flee the area but the on road public caught him and tried to take the law in their own hands. The driver was under the influence of alcohol and was coming from a nightclub in the area. The car was at a speed of 160 kmph when it struck the bike from behind killing its 2 occupants on the spot. 

Police Action and Statements

The accused was produced in the Pune District Court by the police 15 hours after he was taken into custody where they requested the honourable judge not to give a lenient judgement and not to transfer the minor to the Juvenile Home as his age was identified as 17 years 8 months. The Police wants to take his custody, said DCP Vijay Kumar Magar of Pune City Police. But he was given bail under a condition that he would have to write an essay on road accidents and work with the Yerwada Traffic Police for 15 minutes. 

Politicians Statements on the Accident

Seeing this judgement coming from the justice system, there was public rage and on social media too. The comments also came in from Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis where he promised to take strict action against the 17 year old accused. He said that this is a situation that is grave and should not repeat. He is personally looking into the matter.

Deceased Details

The deceased has been identified as Anis Awadhiya and Ashwini Costa, both 24 years old, were computer science graduates passed out from Pune’s DY Patil Institute of Technology. Anis was from Pali Town in Madhya Pradesh and supported his family. His father has a printing press back at Pali and Anis’s 21 year old brother studies at DY Patil College in Pune. 

Ashwini Costa was from Jabalpur who was riding with Anis. According to her mother, she was to travel to her hometown to surprise her father as his birthday was coming soon. But the plans were cut short on the fatal night on Sunday as she was returning from a get together with her friend.  

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