Over 600,000 Nepali Migrant Workers Went Abroad Since -July

over 600,000 nepali migrant workers went abroad since mid july

over 600,000 nepali migrant workers went abroad since mid july

In the current Fiscal Year, which started in mid-July, more than 600,000 people have traveled abroad to work. 

According to the Department of Foreign Employment, there have been 650,798 new labor permits and renewals of existing permits for foreign employment with three months until the end of the fiscal year.

After slowing down following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of migrant workers traveling to work abroad is on track to break records once more this year. Over 70,000 people went to work abroad in some months of this year due to the increased demand for foreign labor. However, this number has been steadily declining in recent months.

Only in mid-March, 61,478 Nepalese youths left the country with permission to work abroad. 544,320 Nepalis left the country searching for employment between mid-July and mid-March.

As of March, 387,839 individuals had received final labor approvals (institutional and individual-new), according to the Department of Foreign Employment. During this time, 224,979 people took flights to renew their work visas.

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This year, Malaysia has seen an increase in demand for Nepali laborers. Even though the demand for workers from the Gulf nations has decreased, there is still hope.

In mid-March, 16,265 people applied for work permits in Malaysia, according to data from the department. 11,364 people have entered Saudi Arabia, but 11,249 have applied for work visas in Qatar. Only 10,193 United Arab Emirates residents have left the country.

In a similar vein, according to the department’s data, 2,794 people have traveled to Kuwait, 2,323 people have received approval to travel to Korea, 1,578 Nepalese have traveled to Romania, 928 to Japan, 674 to Bahrain, 540 to Croatia, 478 to Poland, 453 to Oman, 444 to Cyprus, and 319 to Macau.

Over 600,000 Nepali migrant workers went abroad every year-

Every year, more than 600,000 Nepalese migrant workers leave the country, having an impact on the entire nation. On the one hand, their remittances support their families with a vital source of income and make a sizable contribution to Nepal’s economy. In addition, compared to what they could make at home, many Nepalese find better employment prospects and higher pay abroad. This trend, however, has a number of negative aspects as well. The loss of skilled labor may hurt regional industries and restrain national economic expansion. Additionally, migrant workers frequently deal with abusive or trafficking situations, as well as exploitative working conditions. Families who are left behind occasionally go through emotional strain as a result of prolonged separation from loved ones who have moved abroad for work. Despite these difficulties, the number of Nepalese migrants leaving the country each year increases as people look for new opportunities outside of their own country.

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