One-of-a-kind ‘Miss AI’ Beauty Pageant Names 10 Finalists: Key Details Inside

The World AI Creator Awards last month unveiled Miss AI, the world’s first ever AI beauty pageant

The World AI Creator Awards last month unveiled Miss AI, the world’s first ever AI beauty pageant

The World AI Creator Awards last month unveiled Miss AI, the world’s first ever AI beauty pageant. The Fanvue Miss AI pageant aims to transform how we perceive creativity and beauty in the world of artificial intelligence. Miss AI Pageant invites AI creators from all around the globe to present their digital creations and compete for the title of Miss AI. The Fanvue World AI Creator Awards have released the list of Top 10 finalists for the title of Miss AI Awards. The finalists were chosen from 1,500 entries submitted by the AI creators around the globe. The selection of finalists was done by a panel of droid and human judges. We are here with a list of 10 finalists for the Miss AI Beauty Pageant.

10 Finalists for the Miss AI Beauty Pageant.

1)Kenza Layli

Kenza Layli is an AI influencer from Morocco and is a part of the world’s first AI family.She has over 190,000 social media followers. Kenza’s objective is to encourage the empowerment of women in Morocco and in the Middle East. 

2)Ailya Lou

Ailya Lou is an artist with Afro, Japanese, and Brazilian roots with a specialisation in performance art and post-photography. Ailya is designed for special film projects where she portrays various characters connected to the narrative of the African diaspora.

3)Olivia C

Olivia C is from Portugal and is an AI traveler exploring the big world. She presents the positive side of AI. Olivia has almost 10,000 followers on Instagram, portraying how technology can enhance human lives.

4)Anne Kerdi

Anne Kerdi is an AI influencer from France and is also the brand ambassador of Oceanopolis Acts funds for preserving and conserving the ocean. Her objective is to promote the French region ofBretagne.

5)Zara Shatavari

Zara Shatavari is an influential AI model from India that was created to be the face of a natural supplement product named ‘Hermones’ that helps women with the problems of hormone imbalance. The creators use AI and Zara for informative content.

6)Aiyana Rainbow

Aiyana Rainbow is from Romania and advocates for LGBT acceptance. Aiyana represents inclusivity and promotes understanding and equality. The creators of Aiyana used Chat GPT to have detailed prompts and descriptions to create images of Aiyana using LeonardoAI.


Lalina is an AI influencer from France. The objective of Lalina is to encourage collaboration and facilitate understanding among different perspectives and cultures. Her aim is to promote inclusion, empathy, and tolerance.

8)Seren Ay

Seren Ay is the first ever brand ambassador of AI in Turkey. The creators of Seren have used three AI programmes to create her image, allowing her face to be placed on different base photos.

9)Asena Ilik

Asena Ilik is an AI influencer from Turkey. Her objective is to show the world that the model can become an influencer with the help of amazing visuals and entertainment. Asena has her favourite cars, her own style, and her favourite places.

10)Eliza Khan

Eliza Khan is an AI influencer from Bangladesh. Eliza is designed to be reliable and quirky, just like humans. She is always updated and follows every trend and style. Eliza’s dream is to create a world where everyone is respected and treated fairly.

Labour rights due to AI threatening job security

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