New IOM strategic plan can help make migration safer and more orderly

new iom strategic plan can help make migration safer and more orderly

new iom strategic plan can help make migration safer and more orderly

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) launched its global five-year strategic plan on January 10 in Chad’s capital, N’Djamena – a country experiencing many of the complex migration trends and challenges the Organisation is seeking to address.

The plan is set to guide IOM’s activities through 2028. Developed after extensive consultations, including the involvement of migrants themselves, the plan is aimed at delivering on the promise of safe, orderly and regular migration and supporting the most vulnerable.

Making migration safer and more orderly

During the launching event in Chad, IOM’s Director General Amy Pope said: “The evidence is overwhelming that migration benefits communities around the globe, yet climate change, conflict and growing inequality are making the migration landscape more complex.”

“This plan is designed to meet those challenges so migration can be a full and powerful force for development, prosperity and progress.” The strategic plan seeks to save lives and protect people on the move, in addition to addressing crises before they get more complicated.

Furthermore, the plan also seeks to facilitate pathways for regular migration and help the phenomenon become safer and more orderly. It is expected to dismantle the incentives for smuggling, trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

Climate change now a top driver of migration

IOM launched the new plan in Chad, a Central African nation that has been seeing an exacerbated level of migration lately. Conflict in neighbouring Sudan has displaced scores of people into Chad. But the effects of climate change and poverty cannot be undermined.

Building on the Organisation’s 70-plus years of experience, the strategic plan also emphasises reducing the risks and impacts of climate change, which has now become the top driver of migration. Keep an eye out on this page as we deliver more updates.

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