National Cancer Survivors Day: 7 Health Care Careers in Cancer

There are many jobs that help people who are sick with cancer. Workers in these jobs take care of patients and help their families.

There are many jobs that help people who are sick with cancer. Workers in these jobs take care of patients and help their families.

There are many jobs that help people who are sick with cancer. Workers in these jobs take care of patients and help their families. This article explains 7 jobs in taking care of people with cancer using simple words.

Home Helpers

Home helpers give care to patients at their homes. They help people who cannot move well, old people, or those getting better after being sick. These helpers watch over patients to make sure they are okay and safe.

Their work is feeding and bathing patients, giving them medicine like the doctors said, checking things like temperature, blood pushing, and heart beating, and telling doctors how the patient is doing and acting. Home helpers are important for allowing patients to get care at home.

Medical Assistants  

Medical assistants help doctors take care of patients. Before seeing the doctor, patients talk to the medical assistant first. The assistant asks about the patient’s sickness story and explains any upcoming procedures.

They get patients ready for checkups by checking things like heart beating and taking samples for testing if needed. Medical assistants allow patients to ask questions about their sickness, procedure, or treatment plan. Their job helps make sure patients understand and are ready to see the doctor.

Case Managers

Case managers plan and manage the overall care for patients from when they are diagnosed until their treatment is done. They make sure patients get the right care and are okay with their treatment plans. Case managers work with insurance companies to figure out costs and tell them about any changes.


Dietitians create customized meal plans for patients based on their medical needs and food tolerances. During cancer treatment, proper nutrition is very important. Dietitians ensure patients are following special diets to meet nutritional goals and any necessary dietary restrictions.

They may also provide guidance to help patients gain or lose weight as needed for their treatment and recovery. Dietitians play a key role in supporting a patient’s overall health through their dietary needs.


Radiologists are doctors who use imaging technologies like X-rays and CT scans to take detailed pictures inside a patient’s body. While they don’t provide direct treatment, radiologists capture the diagnostic images that allow other doctors to examine a patient’s illness or injury.  

Before an imaging procedure, the radiologist can answer questions and explain what will happen during the scan. Their imaging services are critical for properly diagnosing conditions like cancer.

Radiation Therapists

Radiation therapists administer radiation treatment to shrink or eliminate cancer cells in patients. They provide external beam therapy using radiation, X-rays and other light sources aimed at the tumor from outside the body.

Radiation therapists also deliver internal radiation therapy where radioactive sources are temporarily placed inside the patient’s body near the cancer site. They follow treatment plans from cancer doctors to determine the proper radiation dosage and frequency for each patient. Using proper safety protocols protects both the patient and therapist from harmful radiation exposure.

Oncology Nurses  

Oncology registered nurses specialize in caring for cancer patients throughout their treatment journey – from new diagnosis through remission. Their main role is ensuring patients remain comfortable during procedures and managing treatment side effects.

Oncology nurses administer medication for pain relief, closely monitor the patient’s condition, and track any concerning symptoms to report to doctors. They follow the treatment plan ordered by the cancer doctor. These nurses also educate patients and families about the purpose, risks, and benefits of the various cancer treatments.

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