Migrant Worker Sues Bosses In Singapore And Wins

migrant worker sues bosses in singapore and wins

migrant worker sues bosses in singapore and wins

In a rare move, a migrant worker named Ramalingam Murugan from India, sued his employers in Singapore for negligence after he fell from an overcrowded lorry, seeking $73,500 in damages.

Ramalingam Murugan, 37, had fractured his leg in 2021 after falling from an overcrowded lorry, according to court documents. He was unable to work for several months because of the accident. His lawyer Muhamad Ashraf Syed Ansarai from the Yeo Perumal Mohideen Law Corporation said that the tragic incident caused him pain. He underwent surgery and was on medical leave for five months, leading to financial problems.

Migrant worker seeks $73,500 in damages

In 2022, Ramalingam Murugan sued his employer Rigel Marine Services, seeking $73,500 in damages. While filing a lawsuit against his employers, he said that they failed to enforce a safe system of transport for migrant workers. He alleged that Rigel Marine Services did not carry out risk assessments to identify potential hazards for migrant workers.

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However, the representatives from Rigel Marine Services said Murugan’s accident was caused because of his carelessness. The company said it was not responsible for Ramalingam Murugan’s accident. The company also counter-claimed for the medical expenses paid for the migrant worker.

Migrant workers wins 

On 17 August, District Judge Tan May Tee ruled in favor of Ramalingam Murugan, despite the company’s justification of the matter. The Judge said that there had clearly been “a breach of duty” by the Rigel Marine Services.

The Judge reportedly said, “Without the maintenance of some order or discipline in alighting, the plaintiff had been pushed by his coworkers, which resulted in him losing his balance and falling.”

The Judge also said that it was impossible for Ramalingam Murugan to avoid the accident because the truck was overcrowded. 

She also revealed that the damages awarded to the migrant worker will be assessed at a later stage.

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