Migrant Crossings At The U.S.-Mexico Border Drops 54%

Migrant Crossings At The U.S.-Mexico Border Drops 54%

Migrant Crossings At The U.S.-Mexico Border Drops 54%

In May illegal crossings at the U.S -Mexico border dropped by over 50% as compared to record highs last year in December. This drop in the number of illegal immigrants has given a break to the Biden Government during a serious migration time.

U.S. Border Patrol agents have caught almost 3,700 migrants daily between official ports of entry in the first 21 days of May. The decrease in illegal immigration is 54% from the 8,000 daily average in December. During that time the illegal entries reached a high record of 250,000.

Illegal Border Crossings

May is considered the third month in a row that there will be a decrease in the number of illegal border crossings according to the data from the US Department of Homeland Security. The number of illegal crossings in March was 137,000 and in April the number was 129,000. If this trend continues the record of crossing in May will be between 110,000 to 120,000.

These numbers of illegal immigrants don’t include migrants processed at official border crossings. The Joe Biden government is taking around 1,500 asylum seekers daily. This year’s drop in migration is unusual. Mostly there is an increase in the number of immigrants in spring but this year the number has decreased.

Mayorkas Credited Biden Administration

Alejandro Mayorkas Homeland Security Secretary credited Joe Biden’s administration and their effort because of which there is a decrease in the number of immigrants. He stated that “ We have experienced a significant reduction in the number of encounters at southern borders”. He also stated several measures including strong enforcement, and constructing legal pathways so that only eligible people can enter the US safely.

Decrease in Number of Migrants Crossing A Good News For Biden

The decrease in the number of migrant crossing is good news for US President Joe Biden. Joe Biden was witnessing criticism from two sides. Firstly, the Republicans and moderate Democrats criticised Biden for being too lenient on the issue of immigration and from the second side he was facing criticism from progressives for adapting Trump-era border policies. As for the upcoming presidential elections in November, immigration is one of the major issues for voters this year.

President Joe Biden is considering an executive order to suspend asylum taking place at the southern border during a rise in illegal crossings.

The administration has often encouraged Congress to change the US immigration system.

Senate Democrats tried for the second time to continue forward with the Bipartisan border security bill but were unsuccessful.

The proposal which was negotiated earlier this year by the White House and bipartisan group of senators would grant the president the power to halt asylum requests between entry points when there is an increase in illegal border crossings. But most republicans including Donald Trump have rejected this agreement considering it sufficiently strict.

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