Many New Immigrants Thinking of Leaving Canada Due to High Housing Costs

Many New Immigrants Thinking of Leaving Canada Due to High Housing Costs

Houses and apartments in Canada are becoming utterly unaffordable these days. It is displacing many people to consider working in other regions of the country or even leaving Canada as a whole. To understand this, a group known as the Angus Reid Institute surveyed the people.

The same survey shows that presently across the country, 28 percent of Canadians are giving truly serious thoughts about shifting to a different province just because they are unable to afford homes in the region where they currently reside. In general, for the whole group, thinking of moving is 34 out of every 100 and for those who have been in the country for less than 10 years, the ratio is higher at 39 out of every 100.

Big Cities Hit Hardest

Its extent is much larger in large cities including Toronto and Vancouver. We Think Toronto’s rate is 44/100 or 44 people in every 100 are thinking about leaving. The HIV/AIDS rate for Vancouver is 33/100. Most of these people are thinking of relocating to areas where houses are more affordable such as Alberta.

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Some People Thinking of Leaving Canada

What’s really surprising is that many people are thinking about leaving Canada altogether. The survey found that 42 out of every 100 people who want to move are thinking about going to a different country. Some want to go to the United States, while others are looking at other countries around the world.

Recently arrived immigrants bearing the heat.

Recent immigrants to Canada who have relocated from other countries are experiencing this ailment most severely. Expectation was to come and find a better quality life but what they see now is that it is difficult to make ends meet especially in paying for a home. It might also give Canada a less welcoming image to those who would wish to migrate to the country in the future.

Implication for Canada

There are always certain effects when a large number of people vacate the country’s major cities. This means that cities require a lot of different kinds of people to stay in and maintain the operations of those cities. Therefore, if new independent immigrants continue moving to other countries such as the United States, the trend may repeat itself and make fewer persons to desire to move to Canada in the future. This could be a big problem because Canada depends on immigrants to boost the population and the economy.

Pricing of houses in Canada has been a big concern to many people particularly the newcomers in that country. He may or may not have witnessed the government looking for ways to make housing more attractive so the people will want to remain in the country.

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