Making History: Trans Women To Participate In Miss Universe

making history trans women to participate in miss universe

making history trans women to participate in miss universe

The Miss Universe pageant is set to create history as two trans women will feature in this year’s competition. The Miss Universe pageant will feature 90 women from around the globe, including trans women. 

Trans women will represent their countries in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant, which is set to be held at the National Gymnasium in San Salvador, El Salvador, in November this year.

Trans women to participate in Miss Universe

Two trans women are set to participate in the Miss Universe competition. The competition will feature two transgender contestants this year. 

Marina Machete, who was crowned Miss Universe Portugal 2023, and Rikkie Kolle, who was crowned Miss Netherland 2023, are set to represent their countries at Miss Universe 2023.

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Who is Marina Machete?

Marina Machete is a famous Portuguese model. She is a 28-year-old trans woman. She has been a professional flight attendant for 5 years before becoming a model. 

Earlier this month, she won the Miss Portugal 2023 title. Before participating at the Miss Portugal 2023 competition, she wrote on Instagram that she was proud to be “the first trans woman to compete for the title of Miss Universe Portugal.” She is the first Portuguese transgender woman to participate in the Miss Universe competition. 

Who is Rikkie Kolle?

Rikkie Kolle the first transgender person to win the Miss Netherlands pageant. She is a 22 year old model. She won the Miss Netherlands pageant in July. After winning the pageant, she wrote on Instagram, “I did it! It’s unreal but I can call myself Miss Netherlands 2023.”

Rikkie Kolle became the second transgender person ever to participate and win a beauty Pageant. Spanish model Angela Ponce was the first trans woman to compete and win Miss Universe Spain. 

Rikkie Kolle said that she was happy to participate in the Miss Universe competition. Rikkie Kolle also posted a video saying, “Miss Universe asked us to describe ourselves in one word. The word I’m choosing is ‘victory,’ because as a little boy I conquered all the things that came through my path – and look at me now, standing here as a strong, empowering and confident trans woman.”

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