Make it Easier for Migrants to Work, Pay for Food: Democrats

make it easier for migrants to work, pay for food democrats

make it easier for migrants to work, pay for food democrats

Many Democrats want the Biden administration to speed up the process for migrants and asylum seekers in the US to get work authorization. In recent months, New York has witnessed a record influx of illegal immigrants. This is pressing the city’s resources and infrastructure. 

Eric Adams, New York mayor, says they have already spent $2 billion and now set to spend $5 billion for housing. He told reporters New York needs money and it’s going to come from somewhere. If Washington doesn’t help, and other state governments don’t pitch in, the crisis will hit low-income earners in New York. 

Adams has made as much noise as he can about the unprecedented migrant crisis in the Big Apple. He said it was the federal government that let the migrants in and so the federal government must take care of the situation. 

Republicans Could Use Migrant Crisis for Political Gains

Ritchie Torres, a Democrat from Bronx, believes it’s fundamentally unfair for the failure of the immigration system to squarely fall only on New York. He said it’s not in the interest of President

Joe Biden to watch the migrant crisis accelerate further. The Republicans will definitely weaponize this. 

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American journalist Steve Kastenbaum believes the Democrats just want to capitalize on immigration as a wedge issue. It wants to portray Republicans as lacking empathy and human decency toward migrants.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has been quite active. She met with officials at the White House to ensure that migrants who are eligible to apply for a work permit in New York encouraged to do so. Moreover, the city has taken the initiative opening emergency shelters to accommodate the migrants. Adams reiterated for the federal government to do more. 

Biden Administration Defensive on Migrants

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is trying to divert the media to the achievements it made, including avoiding the summer border crisis and a more orderly system at the border. A division has also emerged in the Democrats, with many calling for quickly process. But many say it isn’t easy. 

Maura Healey, Massachusetts Gov, told reporters that work permits represent an opportunity to meet employer needs, support the US economy and reduce dependency among new arrivals. Others agree, saying that it will reduce the burden on the government and its social services.

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