“I Poop In The Seine On June 23”: Parisians Planning Major Protest Ahead Of The 2024 Olympics Highlight

i poop in the seine on june 23

i poop in the seine on june 23

French citizens are planning a protest against the government’s plan to clean up the Seine River for the Paris Olympics 2024. The protest comprises a mass ‘defecation flashmob’ in the Seine River on the day when Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and President Emmanuel Macron are considering taking a swim in the river to highlight its cleanliness and highlight water pollution issues. France’s history of radical demonstrations is reflected by these unusual protests. The hashtag related to this protest is trending on social media. The hashtag #JeChieDansLaSeineLe23Juin means “I Poop in the Seine on 23 June and is trending on the social media platform X. The hashtag gained popularity after the official announcement of the mayor. We are here with everything related to this hashtag, starting from concerns about the cleanliness of the Seine River to the reaction of the netizens to this protest.

Concerns over cleanliness of Seine River

In the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024, starting on July 26, the Seine River will play a significant role. The Seine River will serve as a venue for the inauguration ceremony and will also host open-water swimming events. Instead of marching in the stadium, the athletes will be floating down the river on barges. According to the French officials, cleaning the Seine River is one of the major challenges but also a great chance to make a lasting legacy. The Seine River has been unsafe for the purpose of swimming because the river gathers the runoff from the old sewer system of Paris, where sewage and rainwater flow through the same pipes. Also, the sudden and heavy storms lead to overflows, which send sewage and rainwater into the river.

Government pledging $1.5 billion for Seine cleanup effort

The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, through his social media platform ‘X’ has highlighted the efforts of the state to clean up the Seine River, which will be playing a major role in the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024. In his post, the president said that the government is taking various measures to make the Seine and the Marne swimmable. He stated that this is the government’s aim for 2024. Around 1.4 billion euros have been invested, out of which half is invested by the state. The president wrote that at D-500 we will achieve one of the greatest legacies of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic games.

Emmanuel Macron to swim in Seine to demonstrate its safety

French government officials are trying to resolve the problem of the Seine River by building a large tank to treat and collect runoff from the sewage system before it reaches the river. If everything is done correctly, the officials have stated that the river will be safe for Olympic events and will also be available for public swimming by 2025. President of France Emmanuel Macron, along with the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, have promised to take a swim in the river to portray it as safe.

Netizens’ reactions to the planned Seine poop protest

The hashtag of the protest “Je Chie Dans La Seine Le 23 Juin,” meaning “I poop on the Seine,” on June 23 has gained a lot of momentum on social media platforms. Many users took this protest in a fun way, while others are concerned about the cleanliness of the Serine River. One of the commentators criticised the French President, saying, “I feel like the Seine river within the city limits has more waste in it than water.”.

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