Human Rights & Animal Welfare: The Controversial Mexico Bullfighting

human rights amp animal welfare the controversial mexico bullfighting

human rights amp animal welfare the controversial mexico bullfighting

Bullfighting started again in Mexico City on Sunday at Plaza México, the biggest place for bullfights in the world. This happened even though there’s been a lot of arguing about whether it’s right or wrong. 

Some people say it’s bad for animals and not safe for people. The fights had stopped for more than a year because animal rights activists had won in court, but now the country’s top court said they can happen again while they make a final decision.

Lots of fans were excited to see the bullfights come back. The first bullfighter was Joselito Adame, a famous one from Mexico. The crowd was very happy, and six bulls were fought that day.

Outside the arena, around 300 people were protesting against bullfighting. They had signs and were shouting things like “Murderers!” The police were there too, and sometimes things got a bit tense, but it was mostly peaceful.

One activist, Guillermo Sánchez, was upset about the bullfights starting again. He said it’s cruel to the bulls. Another protester, Alfredo Barraza, hopes that Mexico City will stop these kinds of events because they’re violent.

But inside the Plaza, people were having a good time. Aldo Palacios, who was there with his family to celebrate his birthday, was really excited about the event.

In May 2022, a local court had stopped bullfights at Plaza México because of a complaint from Justicia Justa, a group that fights for human rights. But in December, the Supreme Court said the bullfights can happen until they decide if it’s bad for the animals.

Animal rights groups have been more successful lately in Mexico. Bullfights are limited in some places like Sinaloa, Guerrero, Coahuila, Quintana Roo, and Guadalajara. 

But people who like bullfighting, like ranchers and businessmen, say banning it is bad for their rights and jobs. They say it brings in about $400 million a year and provides a lot of jobs. The National Association of Fighting Bull Breeders is trying to get more people interested in bullfighting, especially young people.

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