How to follow Hugh Jackman’s unique 85% rule for work-life balance

how to follow hugh jackman's unique 85% rule for work life balance

how to follow hugh jackman’s unique 85% rule for work life balance

Do you feel exhausted after work? Do you want to balance your work and personal life? Perhaps you must follow Hugh Jackman’s unique 85% rule for work life balance. Hugh Jackman has been making headlines because of his 85% rule. What is this rule? How does it help in managing work and personal life? 

Hugh Jackman, a famous Australian actor, came into the limelight after giving divorce to Deborra-Lee Furness. However, he also made headlines by advocating the “85% rule”, an unofficial guide to living life.

What is the 85% rule?

The Australian actor told a podcast that athletes perform better when you tell them to run at 85% capacity rather than 100% because they are relaxed. Hugh Jackman said that he applied this rule to his own life for work life balance. He said that the 85% rule helped him to avoid work burn out.

He also urged other people to follow this rule. The actor  said that low stress helped to perform better. 

Hugh Jackman is not the only one pushing for this stress free lifestyle. Gen Z and Millennial employees have been pursuing a stress free lifestyle in recent years. 

Earlier, Gabrielle Judge, a 26 year old Colorado based TikTok user, advocated a stress free lifestyle. She said that “lazy girl jobs” helped to balance work and personal life. So, what are lazy girl jobs?

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Lazy girl jobs

“Lazy Girl Jobs” is the new trend that has contributed to the work life balance for women. In this trend, women work fewer hours and make decent salaries to lead a good lifestyle. This trend is famous among Gen Z and Millennial employees.

Gabrielle Judge popularized the term “lazy girl job.” She reportedly said, “Women are here to collect those paychecks and move on from the workday.” She further said, “A lazy girl is a safe, high-paying, remote job that provides a safety net.”

From “quiet quitting” to “great resignation”, Gen Z and Millennial employees have adopted every new trend in order to achieve work life balance. 

Many employees adopted the “quiet quitting” concept to achieve work life balance. The workers drew a close line at the 40 hour work week. Quiet quitters said that they cannot work beyond working hours. Their motto was “act your wage.

Follow these unique concepts to achieve work life balance.

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