Growing Challenges for Tajik Migrant Workers in Russia, Stricter Rules on Labor

growing challenges for tajik migrant workers in russia stricter rules on labor

growing challenges for tajik migrant workers in russia stricter rules on labor

The lives of Tajik labor migrants in Russia are becoming tougher with each passing year, according to a recent report by Eurasianet. At the beginning of 2024, the Russian representative office of Tajikistan’s Ministry of Labor, Migration, and Employment of the Population (MoLMEP) issued a new warning to Tajik nationals about stricter rules for obtaining labor patents – these are like temporary work permits.

Under the new rules, migrants who have these work permits must now inform the local branch of the Interior Ministry migration service within two months.If Tajik workers in Russia don’t tell the authorities about their work permit within two months, it gets taken away without a warning. And they can’t get a new one for at least a whole year. This new rule makes life even harder for Tajik workers in Russia. They already have a tough time because of language differences, cultural changes, and sometimes being treated badly. Now, with stricter rules on work permits, their situation becomes even riskier.

Imagine leaving your home country in search of better opportunities, only to encounter increasing obstacles in the host country. The fear of losing the right to work for a year if a simple notification is missed can create significant stress for Tajik migrants.

With the rules getting stricter, it’s super important for Tajik and Russian officials to figure out ways to make it easier for migrant workers. They need to find a good balance between following the rules and helping these workers have better lives. This is key to making the relationship between the two countries more friendly and working well for everyone.

The recent tightening of rules on labor permits for Tajik migrants in Russia adds more challenges to their already difficult lives. It’s important for both Tajik and Russian authorities to work together and find easy a ways to make the migration process easy for these workers.In this way  we can build a more inclusive relationship between the two nations. That’s how everyone would be treated fairly and has the opportunity for a better life.

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