Explore 6 thought-provoking Social Justice Blogs

In today's interconnected world, social justice issues have gained increasing visibility and importance

In today’s interconnected world, social justice issues have gained increasing visibility and importance

In today’s interconnected world, social justice issues have gained increasing visibility and importance. From racial inequality to gender discrimination, blogs serve as powerful platforms for raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and advocating for change. 

In this article, we’ll explore 10 thought-provoking social justice blogs that provide insightful commentary, analysis, and resources on a wide range of social justice topics.

UC Social Justice

The dual curriculum in law and women’s studies, which allows students to design their research projects and use their expertise in a range of contexts, gave rise to the Law Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice at the University of Cincinnati.

The Center’s blog, which “aims to prepare law students to tackle social justice issues and serves as a communication bridge between communities by providing insightful articles,” is managed by a group of academics and recent graduates. In addition, they collaborate with feminist groups, fight for the rights of LGBTIQ people, and offer direct assistance to victims of domestic abuse.

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Janet Mock

American writer, filmmaker, producer, TV personality, and advocate for transgender rights is Janet Mock. Born and raised in Honolulu, she graduated with a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and attended the University of Hawaii.

Redefining Realness, her book, shot to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. She has also contributed to Marie Claire magazine and worked as a staff editor for People’s magazine in the past. Janet writes a blog about race, gender, and culture from an analytical perspective. She is a resident of both New York and Los Angeles.

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Campus Pride

A nonprofit organization called Campus Pride, with its headquarters in the United States, brings together leaders from college campuses around the continent to discuss LGBTIQ concerns and showcase activities taking place in their campus communities. Their blog addresses problems that are particularly relevant to LGBTIQ college students and advocates for racial equality and a safe campus environment. ‘Campuses and a society free of anti-LGBTIQ prejudice, bigotry, and hate’ is what they see. To bring about such beneficial change, they strive to build campus networks, student leaders, and upcoming initiatives.

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To put a stop to gender-based harassment in public spaces, sometimes referred to as street harassment, Hollaback! began operations in 2005. Subsequently, they broadened their scope to include harassment in all contexts, including a variety of groups including women, LGBTIQ individuals, Black people, indigenous people, and more.

Local activists in 24 countries and 84 cities support their blog. To increase awareness of street harassment through personal accounts, it offers a forum for people to talk about instances in which they have experienced harassment from strangers. According to Hollaback!, “a world where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces and where street harassment is not tolerated” exists.

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Crunck Feminist Collective

The Crunck Feminist Collective (CFC) provides a haven for gay, heterosexual, and hip hop generation feminists of color. They create a rhetorical community where they may share ideas, argue and fight one another, express feminist opinions, and offer support to one another.

The CFC is an online blog community for scholar-activists from various professional backgrounds to share their work. The word ‘crunch’ comes from the adjectives ‘crazy’ or ‘chronic’, and when combined with the word ‘feminism’, it implies that individuals become drunk on the word’s intricacy. As a result, the site addresses thought-provoking issues while bringing up contentious social justice issues.

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Real Colored Girls

Christina Bell, a spoken word poet, and Mako Fitts Ward, a writer, activist, and feminist educator, run the site Real Colored Girls. Women from the African diaspora who are interested in problems related to how they are portrayed internationally have an impact on their blogs. 

In an attempt to eradicate prejudices that arise in public, they discuss topics about minority representation in the media on their blog. They provide women of color the tools they need to succeed in their careers, personal lives, political campaigns, and spiritual pursuits.

Social justice blogs play a vital role in raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and advocating for change on a wide range of issues impacting marginalized communities. 

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