Empowering Human Rights: UAE’s Union for Human Rights Association Takes Center Stage

empowering human rights uaes union for human rights association takes center stage

empowering human rights uaes union for human rights association takes center stage

The “Union for Human Rights Association” is now officially recognized and registered as a public interest group in the UAE, and its headquarters are located in Abu Dhabi.

This association, consisting of 16 specialized human rights experts, is licensed by the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi. Their main  goal is to increase respect for every Human Rights. which includes civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights for everyone in society. To achieve this goal they are doing their best so they can support conventions, and international humanitarian law.

The Association plays an important role by offering Insights, Guidance and Perspectives on the national reports  which are submitted by the State to international human rights bodies and mechanisms. With these collaborations it will help in advancing human rights and also actively  contributing to the achievement of sustainable development objectives.

 The Association will do deep research, studies and the issuance of reports for regional and international human rights mechanisms. Their main point is to play a part in shaping national Programs, Initiatives and Strategies. it will ensure if it will go align with international law for the saving of human rights with these through authentic measures.

The Association is committed to spreading awareness about human rights in our community. They want to do this by arranging different events like training sessions, meetings, workshops and conferences, not just locally but also on a larger scale, both regionally and globally.

The Association is set to actively note all the complaints. They are going to coordinate with relevant authorities for on-site visits. This amazing approach shows the Association’s efforts and commitment to the protection of human rights in the UAE.

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