Declaration of Human Rights: Celebrating Its 73rd Anniversary In France

declaration of human rights celebrating its 73rd anniversary in france (1)

declaration of human rights celebrating its 73rd anniversary in france (1)

In Paris, France, on December 10, 1948, a very important document called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. It says that everyone has the same rights, no matter their race, gender, language, or other differences.

Last year, France hosted a meeting to remember this event. At this meeting, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, talked about how important it is to protect everyone’s human rights. This meeting was special because it praised the work done for people in jail, especially in Quezon City, part of the Philippines.

In Quezon City, there’s a program called “No Woman Left Behind” led by Mayor Joy Belmonte. It’s all about helping women in jail, who often face tough times because people judge them. 

They get a chance to work and feel strong, just like other women who need help in society. A group called SPARK Philippines works with the mayor on this. They give these women jobs and help them learn new skills.

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One great project they did was making designer bags out of old election banners. Zarah Juan, a talented designer, led this project called “Vote to Tote.” 

They gave sewing machines and tables to the jail, and the women there made these bags. This project wasn’t just about recycling old materials, but also about giving these women a way to earn money and feel hopeful about their future.

The French embassy in the Philippines supports this project. They even helped these women paint murals in their living areas, showing their dreams and hopes. This project got a lot of praise and is seen as a great example for other jails.

Apart from this, the French embassy has been involved in women’s rights activities for four years. They played a big role in a forum about human rights in December 2022 and in a campaign against violence towards women.

SPARK Philippines continues to help women in jail by giving them laptops and tablets to learn online and stay in touch with their families. They also work with L’Oréal to give these women beauty and hygiene kits, showing how taking care of yourself is important for mental health.

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