Civil Rights Group Expresses Outrage Over NIA Raids on Andhra Pradesh HRF Activists

civil rights group expresses outrage over nia raids on andhra pradesh hrf activists

civil rights group expresses outrage over nia raids on andhra pradesh hrf activists

Last updated on October 5th, 2023 at 01:40 pm

In Andhra Pradesh, the Human Rights Forum (HRF) has condemned the latest NIA raids on the residences of seven HRF contributors throughout several districts.

Strong Condemnation from Human Rights Forum (HRF):

In a strongly worded statement on Tuesday, V S Krishna, a prominent HRF Andhra Pradesh and Telangana coordination committee member, expressed unequivocal indignity. A human rights organization characterized the NIA’s actions as overt intimidation and obstruction. Krishna stated that it is a blatant act of force to intimidate human rights defenders and hinder their critical missions.

The NIA’s operations on Monday targeted the homes of numerous influential Human Rights Forum figures, including U G Srinivasulu, the kingdom president of HRF Andhra Pradesh, and Y Rajesh, the nation’s fashionable secretary. Similar incursions befell in various districts, which include Adoni, Amalapuram, Srikakulam, Anantapur, Yemmiganur, Visakhapatnam, and Anantapur, wherein K V Jagannadha Rao, S Abdul Rasool, U M Devendra Babu, K Sudha, and A Chandrasekhar, all members of the Human Rights Forum (HRF)
Andhra Pradesh and Telangana coordination committee, had been centered.

NIA’s Investigation and HRF’s Response:

The NIA’s actions were about an FIR filed on November 11, 2020, on the Munchingput police station in Visakhapatnam district, now part of Alluri Sitharamaraju district. The FIR relates to alleged hyperlinks between sure rights activists and Maoist companies, with the NIA aiming to seize “incriminating files and substances relevant to the case investigation,” as stated by using the HRF.

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Disputed Confiscation of Electronic Devices:

However, the HRF emphatically said, “no such incriminating fabric was observed at any of the seven places.” The employer went similarly, accusing NIA employees of confiscating the cell phones of 5 HRF individuals, along with different electronic systems, challenging drives, a laptop, and a set of literature. What raised a unique difficulty was that these digital gadgets, along with mobile phones, were seized without supplying cloned copies to their rightful owners, the HRF contended.

The HRF is deeply affected by those devices’ surprising and sweeping confiscation. This flow no longer deprived valuable property but also violated the affected individuals’ rights to livelihood, privacy, and human dignity. The HRF staunchly asserted that such actions amounted to a breach of constitutional rights and raised the troubling specter of potential tampering with electronic facts.

HRF’s Call for Inquiry and Defense of Rights:

In response to these activities, the HRF has called for an exhaustive inquiry into the moves of the NIA. They have implored authorities to admire the rights and privacy of individuals engaged in human rights advocacy. The HRF stays resolute in its commitment to upholding human rights and fostering a climate wherein advocates can retain their essential undertaking unimpeded.

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