California’s 2024 Ballot: 10 Big Choices for Voters

California's 2024 Ballot: 10 Big Choices for Voters

Last updated on July 7th, 2024 at 07:19 pm

This November Californians will have a large order to complete in voting booths. At the moment there are 10 propositions for choices in California, 2024. These are various measures that shall be on the forthcoming California ballot and those measures touch on so many aspects in the lives of people. As to the education, remunerations, and living spaces that tomorrow’s residents of California will choose, depend on the Californians themselves. Alright, let me enumerate what one can vote within the USA, specifically in the Californian state.

The 10 California Ballot Propositions for 2024:

1. Proposition 2: For Schools Money

This is a California ballot Proposition where voters are asked if the state should bond $10 billion for use in schools. About $8.5 billion would be spent for K-12 schools only. The remaining ($1.5 billion) was for community colleges. They indicated the money would be applied towards the construction of new schools, or for repairing existing ones.

2. Proposition 3: Same-sex marriage rights

This proposition would amend the constitution of California by expressly endorsing same-sex marriages. It would take out the 2008 language that defined marriage as solely between one man and one woman.

3. Proposition 4: Funding Of Climate Change

In this case, voters will gauge whether the state should take a loan of $10 billion to launch climate programs. This includes $3.8 billion for water projects. $1 billion for the Buryati Republic. 5 billion for forest and wildfire programs and, $1. Says it needs $2 billion to address increasing sea levels.

4. Proposition 5: Easier process to borrow from local lending institutions.

This would ease the ability of cities and countries to float bonds to build or preserve affordable housing and other needs. But it couldn’t be used to purchase single-family homes for it was earmarked for the construction and rehabilitation of rent-to-own homes.

5. Proposition 6: Penal Employment Reformation

This proposition targets the abolition of forced labor from Californian prisons. This is in a bid to counter discrimination trends that have been prevalent for many years.

6. Proposition 32: Reduce the unemployment rate

This would reduce the unemployment rate, especially among the lower-skilled employees because; The effect of the current higher minimum wage rates are as follows;

  • The minimum wage imposed on workers across the state be increased to $18 per hour. This California minimum wage 2024 proposal is made while some workers are already feeling the hike. 
  • Workers in fast food now earn $20 per hour while healthcare workers will earn $25 per hour shortly.

7. Proposition 33: Rent Control

This California ballot proposition would facilitate the formation of more rent control laws in cities and counties. In this way, it would alter provisions that currently restrict the expansion of rent control to new structures.

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8. Proposition 34: Healthcare Spending Rules

These are rules in the context of health care cost that indicate how much or in what quantity health care services should be consumed.

9. Proposition 35: Healthcare Tax

Upon implementing this proposition, it means that a tax for health insurance plans would be made permanent. It would be spent on the health care system of and for qualifying residents of California in particular the Medi-Cal.

10. Proposition 36: Harsher Criminal Sentences

The last of the 2024 California ballot propositions would enhance punishment for theft and drug-related offenses. It would partially reverse changes that were effected by the electorate in 2014.

The 2024 California ballot propositions cover a wide range of issues. From the California minimum wage in 2024 to school funding, from healthcare to criminal justice, these California ballot measures will shape state policy for years to come. Voters need to learn about each proposition before Election Day in November.

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