Brazil provide jobs to Venezuelans amid migrant crisis

brazil provide jobs to venezuelans amid migrant crisis

brazil provide jobs to venezuelans amid migrant crisis

Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy, is providing jobs to Venezuelans amid the migrant crisis. Venezuelan migrants crossing the country’s northern border have received warm welcome. What can Venezuelan migrants expect?

Brazil is welcoming migrants with open arms, while the United States has deployed troops to end illegal migration in the country. According to the United Nations, over 7.7 million people have left Venezuela in search of a better life. However, they struggled to meet basic needs in the United States.

Brazil provide jobs to Venezuelans

Venezuelans were greeted by Brazilian officials. Migrants were waiting to process paperwork and visas. The Brazilian officials helped them with visa procedure and paperwork. 

In Brazil, private recruiters offered jobs to Venezuelans. They were given the chance to work in the country. With the help of Brazilian officials, Venezuelans will be able to lead a better life in Brazil. 

They will get food, shelter, health care, education and formal employment in Brazil. Migrant children will also be able to attend schools in the country.

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Venezuelan migrants in Brazil

In recent months, the number of Venezuelan migrants trying to enter the United States through its southern border has increased rapidly. Over the last eleven months, US authorities had more than 199,500 encounters with Venezuelans at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Later on, many Venezuelan migrants also tried to enter Brazil through its northern border. The government in Brazil relocated over 114,000 people, or about a quarter of the Venezuelans who have come to the country since 2018, to the south. 

According to the United Nations, over 800,000 Venezuelans have come to Brazil in recent years. They have received medical attention, food, and new opportunities in the country. 

When the migrants crossed the northern border of Brazil, they received overnight accommodation, food, protection, and hygiene services. 

Brazil is a first choice for many Venezuelans because of the country’s five-year-old program that offers eligible migrants work permits and free flights. In recent months, Brazil sent thousands of Venezuelan migrants to the country’s rich southern states.

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