A new work schedule will be implemented by Bloomingdale Public Relations

a new work schedule will be implemented by bloomingdale public relations

a new work schedule will be implemented by bloomingdale public relations

Last updated on February 21st, 2023 at 04:00 am

From March 1st 2023, Bloomingdale Public Relations will be piloting a revised work schedule for their staff located in India, Singapore and UAE. The new timetable requires employees to arrive at the office no later than 9am and finish their day by 4pm each working day. If successful, they plan to officially implement this from 1st April 2023 – the start of the new financial year. This move seeks to ensure a better work-life balance for the company’s workers; allowing them to carry out professional duties while also dedicating time to personal pursuits.

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In metropolitan cities with demanding work routines, traffic and long wait-times making it hard to achieve a healthy work/life balance, Bloomingdale PR are changing the game. With their 9.00 – 4.00 schedule, they’re allowing their employees to avoid rush hour and have more personal time while still getting the job done. They believe this new plan will greatly benefit their operations, client service and understanding that urgent professional requirements can be met outside of these hours. Whether it’s spending more time with family or pursuing a hobby, the firm aim to improve their employees’ lives by implementing this favourable workday pattern and challenge other organisations to do likewise.

At Bloomingdale PR, we strive to create an environment of understanding and acceptance. Our goal is to recognize that work should be an integral part of our team’s lives, rather than take up their entire world. We are devoted to keeping physical and mental well-being our number one priority for everyone on the team. From my own experience, I know that a workplace filled with content, healthy individuals is more productive and yields superior results in the long term. This transition will bring about a more balanced schedule and morale boost that will surely have a positive impact on Bloomingdale’s productivity says Diana Fernandes, Founder and CEO, Bloomingdale Public Relations.

Founded ten years ago, Bloomingdale PR is a full-service public relations agency with a proven track record of building brands, including influencer marketing, personal branding, and digital marketing. The firm’s clients include prominent names in the hospitality, corporate, lifestyle, retail, start-up, technology, and real estate sectors. It was named one of the fastest growing boutique PR firms in India in 2021, with a presence in Singapore & UAE as well.

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