6 Best Books For Entrepreneurs Planning To Start A Business In 2024

Reading is one of the most famous hobbies of individuals around the world.

Reading is one of the most famous hobbies of individuals around the world.

Reading is one of the most famous hobbies of individuals around the world. Reading helps you to enhance your vocabulary and analytical skills, makes you more creative, and also enhances your ability to recall information. Everyone has their favourite genre. But not everyone loves to read books just as a hobby, but some people read books to get a great piece of advice. The same goes with entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need to get the exact idea of business before starting their own. We are here with six must-read books for entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business in 2024.

6 Best Books For Entrepreneurs Who Are Planning To Start A Business This Year

1) How To Be An Overnight Success: Making It In Business

Year of Publication: 2017

Goodreads Rating:3.7

Amazon Rating:4.5

How to Be an Overnight Success: Making It in Business is written by Maria Hatzistefanis.In this book, the writer has shared the journey about the foundation of her skin care brand, Rodial. She highlights how she started this brand in her bedroom, growing the company on her own. She was dedicated to developing her personal brand for awareness and later collaborated with big personalities like Jade Jagger and Kylie Jenner.

2) Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way To Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Year of Publication:2018

Goodreads Rating:4.4

Amazon Rating:4.8

Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way To Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones is written by James Clear, who is a photographer, author, and entrepreneur. In this book, he provides his personal strategy for fast self-improvement to anyone who is thinking of changing their habits.

3) Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Year of Publication: 2005

Goodreads Rating:3.9

Amazon Rating:4.3

Blink is written by journalist and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, who uses his knowledge in psychology and neuroscience to highlight how we think without thinking. He focuses on his book and how decisions are made in the blink of an eye. Our decisions may seem very simple, but in reality they are not.

 4) Company of One: Why Staying Small Is The Next Big Thing For Business

Year of Publication:2019

Goodreads Rating:3.9

Amazon Rating:4.5

This book is written by successful solo business owner Paul Jarvis. In this book, ‘Company of One’ he has shared business tips. According to Paul, there is no need to create an empire and hire thousands of employees to grow a successful business. In fact, according to him, smaller businesses are more fulfilling as compared to big ones.

5)Chillpreneur: The New Rules For Creating Success, Freedom, and Abundance on Your Terms

Year of Publication:2019

Goodreads Rating:4.3

Amazon Rating:4.7

Chillpreneur is written by money mindset coach Denise Duffiled. In this book, she shares her finance and business tips. This book will guide you through various business models that suit your personality, self-promotion, finding comfort with marketing, ideas for pricing, and managing other matters related to money.

6) Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Year of Publication:2016

Goodreads Rating:4.1

Amazon Rating:4.6

Deep Work is written by Computer Science professor Cal Newport. In this book, Carl has explained how to maintain your concentration on difficult tasks despite the world full of distractions. In Deep Work, Carl has shared his own methods, which comprise four rules for good habits and deep focus. He has given valuable advice to stay motivated.

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