41 Dead In Kuwait Fire: Your Guide To Workers’ Housing Standards, Principles, Safety, And Sanitation

In Kuwait’s Mangaf City, a fire broke out in a building where workers live.

In Kuwait’s Mangaf City, a fire broke out in a building where workers live.

 In Kuwait’s Mangaf City, a fire broke out in a building where workers live. In this incident, at least 41 people were killed while others got deeply injured. The incident occurred at around 6 AM local time (around 9 AM IST). As per the Kuwaiti health ministry, around 43 people were hospitalised due to the fire incident, and four of them passed away. India’s External Minister took to his ‘X’ account to express his sorrow for this situation. 

At least 41 dead in Kuwait fire

On Wednesday, a fire broke out in a building of housing workers in the city of Mangaf in southern Kuwait. In this fire incident, at least 41 people are killed, injuring around 50 workers, and 30 injured workers are Indians. According to the reports, 160 people were living in the country, and the workers were from the same company. Major General Eid Rashed Hamad stated that at around 6:00 AM local time the authorities were informed about the fire incident. According to the officials, the fire broke out in the kitchen of the single-story building in Kuwait’s southern Ahmadi Governorate in the Mangaf area. The Kuwaiti Health Ministry stated that due to the fire, almost 43 people were hospitalised, and out of these people, 4 people died. 

A police official also highlighted concerns about overcrowding in workers housing. The official said, “We always warn and alert against cramming many workers into such places.”

Sheikh Fahad Al-Yousuf Al-Sabah, Kuwait Interior Minister, has ordered to take into custody the owner of the Mangaf building where this tragic fire incident occurred.

ILO Workers’ housing standards

ILO has provided certain housing standards because housing provided to workers is a part of an employment contract and should also ensure minimum specifications.

1) Provide separate beds for each worker for their comfortability.

2) To provide free and full movement, adequate headroom should be provided.

3) The arrangement of beds should not be in tiers of more than two.

4) The provided bedding material should be comfortable.

5) Accommodation should be separate for the sexes.

6) Adequate lighting during day and night

7) Provide reading lamps for each bed.

8) Ventilation should be there to ensure movement of air in all weather and climates.

9) Provide a safe, potable supply of water.

10) Adequate sanitary facilities

11) Provide adequate drainage.

12) Provide safe and secure furniture so that every employee can keep their belongings safe.

13) Appropriate laundry facilities

14) Access to telephones or other models of communication

15) Health facilities and restrooms should be provided to the workers.

Indians killed in Kuwait building fire, Indian minister shares post on X

 Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar on the fire incident said, “I am deeply shocked by the news of the fire incident in Kuwait City. Reportedly, 40 people have died and over 50 people have been hospitalised. Our ambassador has one to the camp. We are waiting for further information.” The minister further said, “My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in this tragic fire incident. I wish early recovery to those who have been injured. Our Indian Embassy will provide the fullest assistance to all concerned.”

The Indian ambassador in Kuwait stated that almost 30 Indians were injured in this fire incident and are now admitted. The ambassador also met the patients and also assured them of full support from the embassy’s side.

A helpline number has been issued by the Indian Embassy, which has also assured that the Embassy will provide all possible assistance.

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