10 Best Jobs For Lazy People

10 best jobs for lazy people

10 best jobs for lazy people

Today everyone wants to earn a good amount of money, but to earn money, you need to put in a lot of effort and hard work. But not everyone is hardworking and energetic enough to struggle and get a good-paying job. Lazy people struggle a lot to be active and energetic. In today’s time, whether you are active or lazy, there is a job profile that matches your personality. We are here with the Top 10 jobs suitable for lazy people.

Top 10 Jobs for Lazy People

1)Data Entry

These days the jobs for data entry are trending. There is no specific criteria to work in this field. If you are lazy and looking for a suitable and good-paying job, then this is the right fit for you. All you have to do is copy and paste information.

2) Hotel Sleep Tester

If you are lazy, then this is the best job for you. The work of the hotel sleep tester is to analyse the quality of the service provided. The sleep tester has to analyse the comfort of the mattress, blanket, and pillows provided by the hotel.


Lazy people are also very hardworking. The job of a receptionist is to multitask while sitting at the same place. You may have to manage phone calls, customers, and data. Handling clients and receiving phone calls is also part of this job.


Transcriptionist is one of the leading jobs. If you are lazy, this is the best job profile for you. All you need is fast typing and ear for details. You just have to create the written copies of audio or video.

5)Administrative Assistant

The work of an administrative assistant is simple and best suited for a lazy person. To get this job role, it is important that you have management skills. In this job, manage, organise, and keep the office running. You have to schedule meetings and arrange files.

6)PR Coordinator

PR coordinators manage a company’s image, crafting press releases, schmoozing with media, and putting out fires. It’s more about charm than hard labour. Public relations coordinator is one of the leading jobs in today’s time.

7)Security Guard

The job of security guards is the easiest one. Security guards have to do patrolling and keep the surrounding area safe and secure for the residents. There is no specific eligibility to become a security guard.

8)Professional Cuddler

Yes professional cuddler is a type of job. Some people get paid to cuddle. They provide comfort and companionship through non-sexual touch, perfect for those who enjoy a warm hug. This is one of the best jobs for lazy people.

9)Odour Tester

Got a strong nose and a strong stomach? Companies hire odour testers to sniff everything from armpits to diapers, ensuring their products work as intended. The job of the odour tester is to analyse the smell of various things.

10)Test Proctor

Test proctors are one of the best jobs for lazy people. To become a test proctor, you should have strong focusing and analysing skills. A test proctor’s job is to watch the exams and the examinees for fair exam practice.

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