Pandemic induced work from home brings out big challenges for employees

Coronavirus pandemic has brought unprecedented times across the glob with a major chunk of people working from home. This has caused new set of challenges to outshine for employees. Maintaining balance between work life and personal life has become even more difficult with these emerging problems.

Poor internet connectivity

With majority of people working from home and online classes going on for children, most of the telecom providers are facing problems related to increased demand and supply situation. The lapse in network connectivity leads to delayed work engagements and more hurdles in attaining work-life balance.

Lapse in communication

Remote working has led to communication gap between employer and employees and colleagues. The confusion due to this tends to have a direct impact on the productivity and quality of work. Furthermore, the office coffee breaks and lunch breaks give way to a lot of communication. But for that now people have to rely solely on online meetings, messages and communicators.

Increased working hours

Working from home has faded away the boundary between professional and personal lives completely. Employees have to work beyond the working hours and sometimes even into the weekends. Improper work routines lead to stress and impaired productivity.

Extended screen time

All the work is now done online with extended hours and practically no break. These extra hours in front of the laptop screens and smart phones takes a toll on the eyes leading to health issues like headache, weak eyesight, blurred vision, dry eyes and stress.

Effects on mental well-being

Working and thinking about work round the clock takes a toll on mental well-being of employees. Mental health is starting to get impacted with prolonged work from home.

Working from home has been very challenging for all the people, especially those who have started the remote working afresh. The problems are increasing as the lockdown is extending further with more difficulty in establishing a fair balance between professional and personal lives.

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Dr. Neha Mathur

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